Target Learning Goals and #create2educate

I gave a little glimpse of my other Michael’s project on Instagram, but I also wanted to share it here, because I am super excited about it.

Our district adopted the Marzano Teacher Evaluation System last year, and we are slowly easing into it. This year part of our focus is on posting target learning goals.  There are ALL sorts of ways to post target learning goals, and I hope that this method works for me.

In our Marzano training, we have learned that it is best to write your learning goal in front of and with your students.  Teaching Kindergarten, we all know that this can be a bit tricky! So, here is what I have come up with…


It’s super easy to make…I purchased these magnetic dry erase boards from Michaels.


Michael’s has TONS of ribbon in all sorts of patterns and widths, so I picked up a few spools, some letter stickers, and check out that chevron Washi tape!


The project is SUPER easy.  You can whip it out in about 15 minutes! (Less if you don’t add the ribbon flowers)

You can also use dry erase markers to write your learning goals directly onto the board. Super easy,  colorful, and fun!


Here are a few other examples for posting target learning goals. 

Click on the image to go directly to the source!

(Love the portion of her whiteboard where she posts the supplies the students will need)

I’ve always loved this one – it’s so clean and simple!

Since this is a BRAND NEW thing for me, I would LOVE to hear how your school requires you to post your learning goals.  Do you write them in front of the kids, while your write your lesson plans?  HELP!

Link up below with how you manage your target learning goals!



  1. It looks like you're right on track! We had our first observations using the Marzano Framework last year and we have been doing learning targets for 3 to 4 years now....except now with the Marzano's definitely expected (and the district does walk throughs to make sure they're up...pressure :) You seem to have a great grasp of it...if I can help you in any way...just let me know. This will be my first year teaching kindergarten so I'll probably be asking you for more help! Thanks for the post.

    Stephanie Ann
    Sparkling in Kindergarten

  2. Kathleen~
    We started the Marzano Teacher Evaluation System a couple years ago. I have been working extremely hard this year to create some new things to use for these learning goals. My room is being cleaned right now, so I can't take pictures of my stuff, but I will as soon as I get in it. We do not have to write our goals with the kids, but we must have them posted and constantly discuss/reflect with the kids. Your stuff looks awesome!!

    Busy Bees

  3. Our district uses the Learning Focused model which is based on Marzano's work. We have to post our learning objectives in the form of Essential Questions that the students answer to demonstrate their achievement of that obj. We have to have a board with the Unit EQ, the current LEQ's, vocab., student work samples to demonstrate their work on this objective. One board for each subject. All of this verbage means so little to my little non-readers, except as a place to hunt for our Word Wall Words! I could not bring myself to paper my walls with so much meaningless print, so I've worked on creating posters with pictures that illustrate the questions for units. This has been our model for the last 7 years. And all of these components are on our observation checklist for administrator observations.

    Donna W.

  4. I've never used Marzano before but am very interested, in looks great! Rachelle from Life is Sweet in Kindergarten just posted this to her store:

    And it looks great! She promises a blog post soon about it too.

    Good luck!

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder

  5. I haved used Learning Targets in k and 1st. Here is my blog post about it.

    I loved having the students create the visuals for each target. Perhaps, not doable the first part of the year but I would suggest creating the visuals with the kids for their complete understanding.