I Teach K! {Freebie!}

It’s right around the corner!  I fly out on Sunday and need to get my handouts bound and ready to go!  I have always bound my handouts – it just makes it easier to find them to reference later on.

I mentioned it to my roomie last year, Deedee of Mrs. Wills Kindergarten, and she came up with the clever idea of making a cover.  Duh. 


That was last year’s book.  She has put her brilliant skills to use again this year and made covers for us all.  Just click on the image below to grab them for yourself.

Last year, I also made some pages for my book, but never got a chance to share them because it was a last minute thing.  Well, here we are again – last minute! (and I still haven’t printed out my handouts yet!!)


Just click on the image to go to Google Drive to find the folder – there are jpegs there for you to slip into a PowerPoint (if you’re tech saavy!) or there is a pdf there for you to print and hand write all of your details.

So, if you’re a last minute kind of girl like me, grab these extra pages and add to your book, OR just slip them inside!

My presentation is ready to go, my materials are packed, now it’s just to pack my bags and jump on a plane!


My presentation is on Tuesday at 1:00 – stop by and say hi! I’ve got lots of fun ABC stuff to share with you!


  1. I am so excited about the conference! I'll be attending sessions on Wed. and Thur., but hope to meet you somewhere along the way. Deedee is a sweet friend, we have MO in common! Safe travels :-)

  2. Bahhhhh. I am so jealous of anyone that is lucky enough to go to this! EVERYONE: Please post lots of fun info and pictures so I can live vicariously through you! Haha!!!!

    Have fun Kathleen!!!!!!

  3. I am going the first time. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Is it Sunday yet?

    Teaching in Blue Jeans

  4. I, too am excited about coming and meeting teachers from all over! I am coming to your session,too!

    LC aka thebeezyteacher

  5. Ill be at your session! Thanks for the freebies. I just got my binder together yesterday and all my handouts printed. Ill have to go print off your cute pages!
    Thanks :)
    See ya next week!

  6. So wish I was going! Can't wait to see all the pics! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  7. So Jealous - wish I could go!! Have fun!