Christmas in July {Day 7} AlphaHeroes! + Some Fun ABC Stuff


This set has EVERYTHING you need to start the year off with letters and sounds! Kids love super heroes, so they are CERTAIN to love these sweet little Alphaheroes!

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So, I while back I posted this picture on my Facebook page


I KNEW I could figure out something to make with both of these empty containers…..and I did! I will share with you the first game today!

Introducing The Magic Letter Can!


Now, we know that if we use the word “magic” with our Kindergarteners and have some glitter thrown in they are instantly intrigued!

I found the glitter paper and glittery stickers at Michaels, and it took me all of 10 minutes to put together this project.  I used some tape to tape the glitter paper to the can, and stuck the stickers on.  Easy peasy.


For the game pieces, I used my Silhouette to cut out some circles super quick, but you could also use a circle punch.  I used the remaining stickers on the letter “coins.”  Some have both uppercase and lowercase, some have only uppercase.  (I only wanted to buy one pack of stickers!)

This is a game that will help kids with letter/word association.  We will pull out one letter coin, and try to say as many words as we can that start with that letter.  If we get stumped, we’ll pull out another coin.  This is a great game to bring along with you if you have to wait in line for lunch, wait for specialists or waiting at assemblies!  The pringles can is a “snack size” so it easy to carry around!

I’m sure you can think of lots of other ways to use the Magic Letter Can!  Do you think this is something you could use in your classroom?

Oh, before I forget, I have a brand new center unit in my TpT store. I’m super excited about these activities, and I think it will make my beginning of the year centers so fun and EASY!  Take a peek if you’re interested!

image image

and the bundled set:


I also finished this little ditty awhile ago, but forgot to upload it!


I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’m leaving for Vegas tomorrow! Super excited! Maybe I’ll see you at the blogger meet-up on Tuesday!


I’m bringing with me a big box from someone special for the meet-up…’s a little hint…..



  1. Great idea! I love finding ways to recycle good, sturdy containers!!
    Connie Anderson:)

  2. I save all these silly containers thinking I will find a use for them. I'm all about going green--now I have found a great idea for one of them!!! THANK YOU!!!

  3. Could even differentiate when a child pulls a letter, they give the letter, the sound, a word that begins with the letter, something that ends in the letter sound. This could be changed throughout the year for what you are working on. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. Super cute idea! I am terrible about saving trash because I just know I can use it in my classroom. :) Thanks for the idea!

    Tracie Penn