Journals! We {Love} To Write!

After {this} post a few weeks ago, I had many request for my journals.  I decided to re-work them, organize them, and put them together in a complete set for you.  This baby is huge! There are 12 journals in this packet based on the method that I wrote about in that post.

Take a peek:

writing preview

Each journal will have a cover page, the “what page am I on” page, and corresponding numbered pages.  The writing pages start off with just a box for illustrations, and then move onto lines and handwriting lines.  As the year goes on the illustration box becomes smaller and more room for writing is left.   I also included writing pages without numbers if you prefer to do it that way.  The packet is hefty, but only print the pages that you need.  Remember, you will only need to print one book a month!

While I was doing that I decided I needed to update my portfolio pack too!  It’s SOOO cute now, and it corresponds perfectly with the We {Love} to Write pack!

Take a peek:


If you have already purchased this pack, you can re-download the NEW pack at NO extra charge! Yippee!!

If you have any questions, make sure to contact me.  I have plans to put together a calendar wall pack, as well as a pack for calendar books this summer too.  And stay tuned for Fix-it Up 2 and Fun with Numbers 3! Busy summer for this lady!

You can check out these packs {here} and {here!}


  1. You are awesome!! I love your creations, especially the monthly journals! Great job!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Kathleen~
    Your stuff is always so great! One day I want to be just like you...haha!! :)
    Jen's Kinder Kids

  3. Love these! I just may need to snag your journal packet :) I'll be watching for your calendar books to be posted, also!


  4. I will definately be buying your journal packet...and possibly the Portfolio one too! I do monthly portraits too, but I like your layout a lot.

    Thanks for posting these!!!

  5. I just added you We Love to Write unit to my wishlist at TPT!!!! Thanks for creating it!!

  6. Do you have a June song? My class loved May! We're in school for 2 more weeks.

  7. I LOVE the journals. You did a wonderful job scaffolding the pages for each month. Love the interactive reference page, telling students which page to turn to in their books. Adapted wonderfully to teach students independence. Thank you! As a new kinder, you are really helping me out!

    I didn't see the Primary Portfolios until after I made the purchase. It's on my wishlist. Thanks again!!!

    Primary Graffiti