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Sorry I missed yesterday! I promise I will be back on Saturday with Tuesday’s teacher tip!!

Today was our first day with kiddos! My girls also started today, one in Kindergarten and one in 5th!  We all had a fantastic day!


I quickly snapped some pictures of my classroom before I left school today…here goes!


This is my room from the back corner. 


From the back corner towards the front of the room.


This is where the kids make their lunch choice (yes, we have 5 choices), and where they build their rainbows.  This behavior system was created by Julie Lee.  You can read more about it {here}.


This is our coat area and where the children store their towels for rest time.


New center drawers (more on this soon!) and transportation info.




I no longer have the foam squares.  I was lucky enough to have my Donor’s Choose grant filled this summer.  Hopefully my carpet will arrive next week! Fingers crossed.

Hope you enjoyed my room – I’ll try to post more detailed pictures later!

In the meantime, head over to Blog Hoppin to see all of the other fantastic classrooms out there!


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  1. Your room looks great! Wishing you a fantastic school year (and your daughters too!).

    Ѽ Alessia
    Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

    1. You have a great room. Hope you have a great year. I am still working on mine. I have been in everyday until about 9-930! Kindergarten teachers always go the extra mile to make their rooms look so nice. haha Your room is so big too. You are lucky.

  2. I love that your room is colorful and fun while still feeling open and spacious. I think that is the best environment for learning.

  3. The Happy Birthday bags are so cute! What a clever way to display months of the year and birthdays.

  4. I love your little display for dismissal info. Did you use paper plates? Would you be willing to share your clipart for each method of dismissal?
    I would LOVE to create something like that.

    Thanks for sharing your room photos. (MY classroom hasn't even been cleaned yet . . . .I am freaking out!!!! We start the day after labor day)


  5. Your room looks great and your kiddos are adorable. Good luck with the new school year. You look well prepared!

  6. Room looks terrific...welcoming, colorful and inviting! Absolutely LOVE the Build a Rainbow management system....what a positive spin on things!

  7. LOVE how clean and colorful your classroom looks!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!!!

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  9. Hi Kathleen!

    Your room looks amazing! Do your kiddos build their rainbows weekly, and do you reward them for completing their rainbows? If so, what do you reward them with? I'm looking for a new classroom management system, and think this might be it! Thanks so much!

  10. Beautiful room :) I was wondering how tall your tables are? They look so much higher off the ground than my (kindergarten) tables. I'm thinking maybe my tables need to be higher....Just curious....

  11. Hello! Love your blog and your items...I'm a fan for sure! 1st year Kindergarten teacher here, and I was wondering where you got your storage/drawers for your centers? that seems to be SO perfect and I think I could use that! I have a small room and any kind of storage/space saver is awesome!