In Pictures and In Words–Ch. 11


Can you believe we’ve made it to the end? Thank you for joining us on the journey through this book!  Hope you are glad you followed along with us!

On to chapter 11: Layout and Design

Technique #41: Using Word Layout to Convey Meaning

Do you know Catalina?  Dr. Jean also has a song that you could use with this!  The refrain in this book is super fun and sing-songy.

catalina 1

catalina 2


Technique #: 42 Size and Color Convey Meaning

Take a look at the red bold letters on the page…what do you notice? It’s an alphabet book!  If he wouldn’t have made the choice to make those letters bold in his illustrations, the reader might not have realized that this is an alphabet book.



Technique #40: Designing the Placement of Words on the Page


Bruel used a different font on these two pages spread across two pages.  It appears that the font is coming from the space just outside of the page conveying a different meaning to the reader.

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