Reading is “Oh So Sweet!”

Do you have a backpack reading program at your school?  At my school, we allow our students to check out a book every day to bring home.  We encourage parents to spend 15 minutes each night reading to their child. 

This year, I decided I would put a new twist on my backpack reading program – hoping to get more children excited about reading at home!

Introducing the Reading is Sweet Lollipop Tree! I got this idea from my dear friend Michelle of Fabulous in First (we were roomies in Las Vegas, and she is just as sweet as you think she is!)


I used my lovely Silhouette Cameo to add the vinyl lettering to the pot! 

Here’s how the program works.  Each morning, the children will check out a new book.  They will take it home and have their parents read it to them, and fill in the reading log.  When they return their completed reading log, they get to pick a sucker! Now, some of these suckers have black dots on the ends of the stick. If they are lucky enough to pull out one of those, they get to pick from the treasure box.

(Or maybe I’ll use some of the sweet reward cards that I bought from Laura Martin on TpT.)  You can also get free reward cards from my pal Amy Lemons!

I don’t give out a lot of candy in my room – hardly any at all – really, once in a blue moon.  But, I thought a sucker once a month would be okay – that’s probably how long it will take most families to fill a reading sheet.  Some will fill them up faster, some will fill them up slower.



If you would like to use my reading log and parent info sheet, just click on one of the images to download.

How do you encourage families to read to their kiddos at home?


  1. I love this idea! Suckers can be such a great motivator! I love the idea of putting the black dots on some for an extra prize!

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  2. I love it too! So adorable!!

  3. Cute! I also love your recording sheets. What font did you use for "Reading is Oh So Sweet"? It's adorable! :)

  4. Our school participates in the Pizza Hut "Book=It" reading program. Many of us use that as our incentive. I like the idea of the suckers though. . .a much more immediate reward!

    Mello’s Memos

  5. Fantastic idea! I am a HUGE reading advocate with my preschool classes. Think I'll implement this idea in my room this year!

  6. Great idea! I may give it a try this year. I was wondering the same thing as Miranda from above...what font did you use for "Reading is so Sweet" title. I L-O-V-E it!
    Mrs. Marsh's 2nd grade blog

  7. You are oh so sweet and oh so talented. I love it! :) XOXO

  8. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing :)
    I am a new follower of your blog!

  9. I would love to try this - could you make version for second grade? Thanks! Shauna at