Breakfast Baskets

I decided to try something new this year for my morning work.  The idea had been spinning around in my head for a while, and then the fabulous Michelle Oakes from Fabulous in First (also my Vegas roomie!) came up with the name for me!

She created a fantastic product for her firsties:

morning menu

I wanted morning work to be something that could be done quickly, and wasn’t a big deal if it wasn’t finished.  Our breakfast goes a bit late and sometimes I have lots of stragglers coming in! I needed something to keep the kiddos engaged while I checked folders, counted lunch, did attendance, and so on. 

Michelle’s morning menu activities are too tricky for my kiddos right now, but I know around January this one will fit the bill.

So, in order to get my kiddos ready for the idea of Breakfast Baskets, I have put together baskets for 5 day rotations.    They are really simple, hands-on activities that the kids really enjoy! 

They will later morph to more paper and pencil tasks, books, and eventually to Michelle’s Morning Menu’s.

This is what the kids worked on for the first 5 days of school:


I got these cards from a scholastic book order once, and there are wikki sticks in the container.


Pattern blocks and pattern block mats (I got these from a friend, sorry I don’t have them!)


These are the Lakeshore lowercase letter builders.


Lakeshore number puzzles


Bear counters and patterning cards.  (I believe these came from Jessica Meacham’s site)

Here is how I manage the rotations:


Each table has an animal icon – and the squares are just the colors of the baskets.  This is really just for me to remember which table gets which basket!  It’s just in a small Target $1 section pocket chart. (It’s hanging on the blinds – that’s why it looks like it’s glowing!)

I’ll be back with the next 5 days of rotations soon!


  1. Good Work Friend!! I am sure its an amazing product!! I am off to check it out!!

    Happy first 5 days!! I am looking to start stations next week!! We are going to ease into them this year!! Each day is getting better! YEA YEA YEA!

    Its gonna be a fantastic year!

  2. Hi Kathleen!
    I hope you are having a good start to your school year! Thanks for the post about your "Breakfast Baskets"! You are the second person to have those pattern block mats thsi week- is there a company on teh back or the side of thiese cards? I would like to get them or find the company to order. Having the number of the blocks at the bottm really helpsthe kids and they are not in color! I fyou have time to reply, I would appreciate it! Also I am starting your calendar ideas this week and I used the Portfolio papers for August! I can't wait to see their progress.
    Take care and thanks!

  3. Thank you for sharing this idea! I have a similar situation each morning with stragglers, breakfasts coming from the cafeteria, our morning news program, and early specials! I'm going to try "Breakfast Baskets" next. Thanks!

  4. How cool are these! My first graders can't really get the morning menu activities yet either, but I saw those as well and love them. You've inspired me to create something similar :)


  5. I have found the pattern block cards through scholastic book orders.

  6. Thanks sweet friend. I haven't read blogs in a while. Miss you! Can't wait until October.