Lesson Plans! It’s almost a New Month!

….and you know what that means! Time to switch out our calendar and put our September writing pieces into our portfolios.

The children LOVE calendar time every day, and it makes me SO happy! We practice SO many skills every day.  If you already have my calendar pack, be sure to go back and re-download it! I’ve added TONS of extras so you have a variety of different options when planning your calendar!

If you’re interested, you can take a peek at it, by clicking below:

calendar book cover

Here a couple of sneak peeks of what our September calendar looked like… (all of the calendar songs are scattered throughout the blog – sorry there is no rhyme or reason to it!)

IMG_7601  IMG_7602IMG_7603IMG_7604IMG_7605IMG_7606IMG_7607

We will be adding a few more skills in October.  I like to start out reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy slow and build up their stamina and confidence for calendar time! They’ll be SO excited to see the new pages on Tuesday! (They *cheer!* yippee!!)

I’ve also made a few changes to my focus wall… I am loving how this is ONE BIG anchor chart for the kiddos! It is right behind my teaching area, so we “read” it and review it every day!


After being home sick for two days, I needed to go in today for a couple of hours to get caught up. (Getting better – starting another round of antibiotics to clear up the pneumonia – thanks for all of the well wishes!!) I brought this cute little helper with me today.  I tell ya – she’s a hard worker, and I would hire her anytime!


So, here are my plans for the week – be sure to download them {here} and then download from Google Docs (drive) to utilize the clickable links!  All the centers are the same from last week since we are on a 2 week rotation! 

Click {here} to download!

Everything is subject to change! It’s a wild week this week with pictures and goal setting conferences in the evenings!


Want this little page above?  Be sure to download my lesson plans! It’s the very last page!

Have a great week!


  1. Quick question...I have the "It's Calendar Time" pack and just re-downloaded it. Are you planning to add the headings you have on your daily focus wall (alphabet, number, sight words, shape, and vocabulary)? If not, would those be able to be purchased separately?

  2. @Kris -- I do plan on adding those to my blog in the next couple of days! Stay tuned!!

  3. I am planning on purchasing It's Calendar Time and just wanted to make sure that your Daily Focus wall is included. I am right??

  4. Hi Kathleen! I thought you were to stay home and rest!!! Sounds and looks like you have been very busy! I purchased this calendar packet last year and it has been great to use with the kids! Thanks so much and now I can't wait to get the "extras"!. You are amazing! I hate to ask again but what do you do for children practicing their name? Do you use a template for them to trace?
    Thanks and take care of yourself!

  5. @Mrs. Moore - The headers for the focus wall are NOT in the calendar pack - but, I will be putting them up on the blog later this week! :)

    @Maryann -- for the kids that need help, I just pull them aside and help them with writing their name. We also have a title 1 para that works with these kiddos. We also sign in every day - in the beginning they traced their name, now they just have a model. If I have kiddos that are really struggling, I just quickly write their name on their paper with a highlighter - they trace it then. Hope that helps!

  6. I love your focus wall! Where did you get the large numbers that you put up under your number of the week?

  7. I am in love with your Bulletin Board! I will definitely be re-designing my Calendar Wall!!!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Pinning!

  8. This is amazing! May I ask where you found the large numbers, alphabet, and shape cards? Thanks!

  9. I cannot find the headers anywhere to download. Did I miss them or are they not available??
    I love this wall! Also, I'm with Sarah...where did you find the great number shapes?

  10. Looking for the headers???? Also would love to know where you got the large numbers for your focus wall!!

  11. I am also looking for the headers! :)

  12. http://growingkinders.blogspot.com/2013/10/daily-focus-wall.html
    I found the headers here! I took them to Office Depot on a thumb drive and had them print them. It cost about $6 but well worth it! They turned out perfectly.
    Thanks for doing all the work. My Focus Wall turned out great!
    Tammy White

  13. You are an inspiration. How fun it must be for the kids in your class. They are building pride and interest every day. Some people are born teachers and clearly you are one!

  14. Where did you purchase you calendar display, for example I love how you show Letter, number of the day.

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