Lesson Plans September 16-20

Phew.  Finished.  Why am I such a last minute planner!? I don’t always get to everything on my plans, but it’s there.  My kiddos are doing a great job figuring out how to do our Daily 3.  Transitions are going faster, and they are figuring out how to work quietly!  I am *ahem* bribing them with our ipads – when they are able to work quietly at centers, the ipads will come out! I also added one more literacy center in place of a listen to reading. After you have downloaded the doc, you can click on any of the images, and it will take you to the unit.

You can download my lesson plans {here}



Have a great week!


  1. Thanks for sharing your plans. Which unit/product did your two Brown Bear activities come from? I am planning on doing Brown Bear next week and would love to use these activities. Thanks.:)
    Kinders on the Block

  2. @Desiree - it's something that I made - I haven't completed the unit yet! I've been really good at starting things and not finishing them this year! haha!!

  3. Kathleen, I really enjoy reading your lesson plans. They are easy to read and make total sense. I especially love the breakdown of your math, writing, reading and learning objectives. Sometimes when I go to look at other teacher's lesson plans I can't decipher them. Your's are wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Kathleen!
    Another wonderful week for your kids! I enjoy viewing your lesson plans. Thanks for sharing. Any chance you will sell the "Brown Bear" activities? Also, I asked before about the schedule cards and the How we go Home? Cards - will you be selling these? Those Lakeshore People for the bus activity - I guess they don't have them at Lakeshore?!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing!