Letters in your Name & Bad News/Good News

First, the bad news.  I went to the doctor today. I can’t breathe.  If I breathe too deeply, I have a coughing fit.  The kids look at me like I am dying, and I feel like I am.  So I decided I needed to go.  I dislike going to the doctor.  One nebulizer treatment (which didn’t do a thing), and a set of chest x-rays later, I go home with some steroids and antibiotics.  Acute Bronchitis is the diagnosis.  If only the steroids would make my muscles bigger ;)

Onto the good news.  The nurse thought I looked 23.  Enough said. :)

So, if you have a Promethean Board you will be able to use this freebie flipchart.  If you have a SMART board, I’m sorry, but I don’t know if you’ll be able to use it…..you’ll have to check with your technology person.

We try to do this every day, but we don’t always get to it.  You’ll have to add your kiddos names to the bottom!


Click {here} to download this flipchart!

PS – The cute background are made by Lindsey! Check them out {here}

Pretty Papers {For Commercial and Personal Use}


  1. Sorry about your breathing issues, Kathleen. I quick question--did you enter each child's name in an individual text box? and Did you start over with each page or could you cut and paste that section onto the next letter page? I got a Promethean Board last spring and love it.

  2. Praying you feel better soon!!!!!! Love the flip chart thank you!!!

  3. Get well quick! I do this everyday the old fashion way, in a pocket chart. It's how my kinders sign in each morning.

  4. Get well soon!! I had a promethean board in my classroom when I taught Kinder. I LOVED it!!! Great freebie!

  5. Hope you feel better. I just made my class a Smartboard for their names (no where as pretty as yours - background paper makes it look so finished :). SB has a spotlight feature so the kids drag the "spotlight" around the screen and find a friend's name. They look for the mystery letter in their friend's name. Count the letters etc...

  6. @cindy -- Yes - each name is in it's own text box so it's moveable. To copy onto each page - go to a corner (with the arrow/mouse tool) and draw a box around (to select), you can then copy and paste onto each page. I hope that makes sense!

  7. Thank you for sharing! I used the T page today- the kids were so surprised to find that only 1 friend had the letter T in her name. Your generosity is appreciated!