Penguins and Winter Fun! {Math & Literacy Centers}

I love getting new centers out for the week! The children are so excited to have “new” centers! What is so wonderful about kinders is that they don’t realize that they are practicing the same skill over and over again!  I like to keep things “similar” so that the children know exactly what is expected from them each week.
{Literacy Centers}
I LOVE this center! This one is from Julie Lee over at Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten.  I picked just a few blends for the children to practice, but she has many available for download.  Go and check it out – she would love to hear from you!
I made this response sheet to go with the center.  You can click on it for a free download!
fishy blends
This game is in Deanna’s Penguins math and literacy pack.  The children are playing “go fish” and matching CVC words to their pictures.
The children take three picture cards, decide which one doesn’t rhyme and write the words on the response sheet.  Rhyming oddity is the next step in developing phonemic awareness.
The children read the word and sort it on the correct word family.  I choose to use the short e word family words since we had just finished practicing those.  All vowels are included in the center so you can choose which one you would like to use.  For the sorting mat, I simply cut out some “snow” from white paper and glued the house on top!
This center is too cute for words! I love the clipart! The children sort the CVC words according to their medial vowel, and stretch out the word to write on their response sheet.
{Math Centers}

Finding things in the room that are smaller, taller, and the same size as the penguin, and then measuring the height and width of the penguin with a ruler.
This child is using the double sided counters and counting how many penguins and polar bears there are.  The children write the number on the line and then circle the number that is greater.
Cold Cash! Penguin money spinner and graph.  The children will write the value of each coin in the correct space.DSCN4980
This center is ordering number from smallest to largest, and then from largest to smallest.  I have sets of penguin playing cards that I used, but the pack has penguin playing cards ready for you to use!
Penguin Pennies: The children roll the die, put that many pennies on the penguin and then repeat.  They then complete the addition sentence.
In this center, the children pick a card (these cards are not included in the packet) and write the numbers that come next.  The bottom portion has a challenge for the children!
Penguin number word sequencing.  There are 2 other options available in the pack as well for number sequencing.
Penguin money roll and tally.  The children roll the die and mark with a tally mark the coin that it landed on. 

(I use my document camera to write the words as we go!)
Hope you like these centers! If you are using them in your classroom, please leave a comment and tell me how much your kiddos love them! {or better yet send me a picture of your children working on them! You just might see your classroom on my blog!}
Next up – Polar Bears…


  1. I LOVE all of this so much. Soooooo glad you made a recording sheet to go with the penguin blends!! I can tell your kiddos are learning so much!

  2. working on setting up my new stations for the upcoming 2 weeks and have already purchased, printed and laminated all of the above! I just love the things you offer. :) Thanks!

  3. This is fabulous. Where did you purchase the cards in the shape of the penguin face? So cute! Your children are so fortunate to learn with you!
    North Carolina

  4. Jeni - I think I either got the cards at Target or the Dollar Tree -- I am ALWAYS watching for themed playing cards like this! You never know when you're going to want/need them!

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