Sight Word Fun! Christmas in July!

Today marks the LAST day of my Christmas in July sale!  I have discounted all of my sight word units.  These are some of my favorite units, and some that I use ALL the time!

Let’s start with Sticky Sight Words:


There are easy to prep worksheets where children can cut, color, and stamp!







Sight word cards and stamping mats for playdough:


and some fun games!


My kiddos love these fun activities!

Next up is my handwriting packet.  We work through this packet quite slowly, and in Kindergarten, I generally start it in January.  Next year in first grade, I’ll start it at the beginning of the year. We practice correct letter formation in isolation and then combine all the letters and practice them in a sentence.  Why is this a sight word pack too? Because I ask the children to read the sentence and draw a picture!

My Handwriting Book

My fix it up sentences, are one of my very first products, and continue to be a best seller because of their simple, practical, daily practice. The children LOVE them, and their favorite part is having a friend check their work!

Fix It Up! Sentences for Grammar, Sight Words & Handwriting


I usually start the above back towards the spring in Kindergarten, and I wanted something for the beginning of the year, so I created Fix It up Again!   Same concepts as the first pack, but this one has a bit more of a focus on sight words.Slide1Slide3Slide4

I have this little oldie but goodie as well!  Sight Word Safari!

and my Scoopin’ Up Sight Words unit! 

Scoopin' Up Sight Words!  Programmable Word Wall!

My kiddos LOVE building their ice cream scoops when they learn their sight words!



(ABC cards NOT included)

If you’re interested in any of these activities, grab them while they are on sale today!! Just click the banner below!

Leader Board Banner


My family are I are enjoying a fun weekend in NYC this weekend!  We’ve explored the Time Square area, saw Wicked and are heading to a soccer game today.  It’s been a fun weekend!  Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Question--why are pink and purple in the "Oo" box?

    1. haha!! Someone must have taken them down and put them up in the wrong spot! They were on a magnetic whiteboard this year! I never noticed that before!

  2. This is totally off the topic. I have wondered how you hung the oil drip pan from the book shelf.
    I would love to make a magnet center!