It’s Calendar Time!!!

Here it is friends! My most favorite unit that I’ve ever made is on sale for 2 days.  I use it of the school year.  There was blood, sweat, and tears when I made this bad boy.  My brain hurt after I was done.  And now….I’m moving to first grade and get to make it all over again!!

I promise it will be done before the school year starts, and I’m heading to New York next week, and I won’t be able to start it before then.  If you are a first grade teacher and have suggestions for what I should include, please comment below!

So, on to it…calendar time.

I don’t use a calendar wall anymore.  I just display the necessities. A date above our daily schedule, and a large calendar with the expanded date above it.  I keep it simple on the wall because we complete our calendar on my Interactive White Board.  The kids don’t often refer to the calendar wall anyway. If they need to refer to something, they go to their calendar binders.


Speaking of calendar binders….here it is:

It's Calendar Time! Daily Calendar Book

In September, we start with just these 4 pages.  SUPER simple.  I usually model the calendar whole for a couple of weeks before I introduce the binders.  Because it’s scary.  You HAVE TO TAKE IT SLOW.  Otherwise you might cry.  You really have to understand that they are just learning this, and it will get easier, I promise.  Just take it slow, and breathe :)



We do everything together.  I do, they do, and I walk around and check.  Remember, they’ve been watching and doing it interactively with me for a couple of weeks, so they know what to expect.  By the time they get their binders, they are SO excited!


(I’m working on figuring out a way I can make these flipcharts for all of you! Stay tuned!)

As we progress through the year, I include more and more in their binders and the skills increase.  We always do it together, and they get used to the routine.  By the time the year is done, they are pros!



There are 2 different types of pages included in the pack.  This year, my kiddos had a hard time complete the “all in one” page (scroll down), so I broke it down into individual pages.  This was much more manageable for them. Last year, no problem.  This year they needed this extra support.


These are the “all in one” pages.  The skills progress each month, but I added some programmable pages just in case your kiddos need to work on the same skills for another month.



We keep our pages in these 1/2” clear front binders. I put the monthly song (not included in the pack, but working on bundling them!) in the front, and also add a pencil pouch to the inside.


Phew…any questions so far?!  All of the songs are available for free on my blog.  Just do a google search for them.  I wasn’t very good at tagging them! Sorry!

If you are in need of a calendar wall because you don’t have an IWB, I have created one that corresponds to the calendar binder activities.


I do have these available in a few different colors.  If you’re looking for a different color combo, let me know, but I won’t be able to get it done before the sale is over.  Sorry :)

Some have expressed concerns about copying and being restricted on the amount of paper.  I totally get it.  We are lucky that we are not restricted.  In fact, when I do the invidivual pages with my kids, I copy the pages on cardstock.  Here is my suggestion:


In fact, I *might* try this with my firsties this year.  Still thinking it through!

So, if you think you want to give it a go, head on over to my little shop.  Everything calendar will be on sale this weekend.image

It's Calendar Time! Daily Calendar Book Daily Calendar Bundle

Daily Calendar Kit {Blue and Green}

Daily Calendar Kit {Purple and Green} 

Daily Calendar Kit {Yellow and Blue} Daily Calendar Kit {Red and Black}

Daily Calendar Kit {Yellow and Green}Daily Calendar Kit {Pink and Green}

Daily Calendar Kit {Black and White} Daily Calendar Kit {Navy and Green}

Click on the image below to see all of my calendar items in my shop:

Leader Board Banner

Hope you have an amazing weekend! I am heading to pick up my daughter who has just spent two weeks studying Norwegian at Concordia Language Villages.  If you would like your child to learn a language, Concordia Language Villages in Bemidji, MN is THE place to do it! This is her 5th year at camp, and she looks forward to it EVERY year.  There are children that fly in from all over the US for this camp – I HIGHLY recommend it! There are many languages available, not just Norwegian!

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  1. i teach pre school and i recently purchased the calendar kit and alpha heroes which are both fantastic!!!! i love your entire set up, the only components that i am missing is the alphabet and the sight word header. i am also looking for the large numbers, where can i get just those items?

  2. I have pinned your focus wall last year. I just LOVE it! This summer, I have been working on one for my class. I have found most of the monthly songs. Thank you for sharing. You are AMAZING. You have given me so many ideas over the years to make me a better teacher.

  3. I am so excited you are coming to First Grade--you will love it! Chris

  4. I am SO excited that you're making a first grade version!! Good luck!

  5. Where can I get the Daily Schedule Cards?

    1. I haven't posted the daily schedule cards yet! Sorry!

  6. I'm loving the Daily Focus banner. Where's that from?

    1. I made the banner with cardstock and my silhouette cutter!

  7. Thanks for explaining what you do at calendar time and how you use your calendar binders. I have been thinking about using binders for a couple of years now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your songs! I use them every day.

    Terri Izatt

  8. I love your Calendar so much,I used it for 2 years in my kinder classrooms. I am super excited that you are moving up to first grade just like me :) I can not see my self teaching without your calendar, but can not use the same calendar, SO I am thrilled that you are going to work on a first grade one. WOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!

  9. I have your calendar bundle I use with my special needs students but I need to get them moved up so I will be glad to see some higher (1st) grade calendar things. I would be very interested if I could get a copy of your flipcharts!

  10. Quick question...Where did you get the things that hold the numbers on the calendar and what is it called?

  11. Kathleen, I'm searching your store for the headings on your first Daily Focus wall with the banner. I really like that set up and want to us it in my room.
    I don't want to purchase one of them without it being what I want. I also want to find the big numbers you used. Thank you thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate your time.

  12. Where would I find you Daily Focus wall headers?? Are they part of the Calendar Kits?