Sharing a few more of my favorite ABC activities with you!

The children ADORE playing this whole group game, and it is a SUPER game when you only have a few minutes to spare or when you’re waiting in line. (ABC Come Learn with me Games)


I love the felt activities from Katie and Company, and this one is one of my favorite!  As a kindergarten team, we also get together to  make big books for songs – we each take a song and make one for each person in the entire group.  It’s easy to get a lot of books that way!


We do a lot of exploring at the beginning of the year, and these two activities are great.  The top one is from Lakeshore Learning, and the bottom one is from Handwriting Without Tears.


I LOVE all of the “find the” activities.  I hide something behind one of the square pieces on the pocketchart, and the children have to say the beginning letter/sound to look behind it.  This is great for when you have just a few extra minutes!  I have a few of these available in my store.


For this activity, the children simply use their finger to write the letter in salt (in the bottom of a plastic container) and then write the letter on their recording sheet. (ABC Centers for the Frugal Teacher)


We LOVE highway letters! You can download them from Making Learning Fun.  The response sheet is from my ABC Centers for Frugal Teachers pack.


Do you Kagan? I LOVE Kagan games and activities! This one is called Quiz-Quiz-Trade.  The children find a partner, ask them the question on the front of the card, and tell them if they’re right or wrong.  Then, the partner does the same.  When they each have asked a question, they switch cards and find other partners.  Another great time filler!


Who doesn’t love do-a-dot markers?!  At this simple center, the children pull out a letter from the bag, match it on their paper, and dob it! Simple, effective, FUN!


This game is so simple and can be played so many ways.  You can download this for free in my store!



All of my ABC activities are on sale through today, now is the time to get them prepped so you’re ready for those first crazy weeks of school!

ABC Come Learn With Me! 8 Fun Games for the Alphabet  Monster Munch! An Alphabet GameABC Centers For The Frugal Teacher {Letter ID} - COMBO PAC

Bubble Pop! A Fast Paced Card Game (Letters & Sounds)ABC Splat!Slide1 AlphaBump! An Alphabet Game 

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  1. I have your ABC Centers for the Frugal Teacher Bundle, and I love it! After reading this post, I ALMOST can't wait for school to start so I can use it.

  2. I love your ABC ideas. I just bought a lot of your ABC packets. I would love to know more about the song book, great idea.

    Kinder Princess

  3. I have all your ABC resources in my basket right now! I'm hoping the big B2S TpT sale is soon! I love all your ideas and can't wait to get started next month. I also would like to know more about the song book- and what item specifically you use from Katie and Company- in this post. Thanks a bunch for sharing amazing ideas and resources!