ABC Fun! Christmas in July

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ABC activities that I do with the kiddos.  In the beginning of the year we eat, breathe, and sleep the alphabet!  My goal is to have all children secure with their letters and sounds by Thanksgiving.  Of course, not all make it, but I will sure as heck try!


We play lots of whole group games.  I like to use a lot of the games from Katie & Company, different websites and videos, and of course old fashioned fun! I’ve compiled a few of my faves in this unit:

ABC Come Learn With Me! 8 Fun Games for the Alphabet


This is an old Making Learning Fun game that I updated!


You can download this one for free in my store!

Crocodile Snap! {An ABC Game}

We also play some partner games! This game of bubble pop is an ALL TIME favorite!  I’m working on making this game in other skills too.  They just can’t get enough!

Bubble Pop! A Fast Paced Card Game (Letters & Sounds)


And of course, we have centers.  Lots and lots of centers! The kids love playing these games, and I love putting them together because they are SO simple to prep!  You just need a few basics that most people have in their classrooms or can easily find/borrow from colleagues!!!


I have these available in a few options

ABC Centers For The Frugal Teacher {Letter ID} - SET 1 ABC Centers For The Frugal Teacher {Letter ID} - SET 2

Each of these have 10 different centers in them.  Or you can get the bundled set for a discount.

ABC Centers For The Frugal Teacher {Letter ID} - COMBO PAC

This is a super fun game for partners called ABC Splat!  You just need upper and lower case dice. You can also find this in my store.

ABC Splat!


Of course, I also have the basics for independent work!







Stop on over to my TpT store – these items will be on sale for today (7/17) and tomorrow (7/18) only! Just click on the banner below to go there!

Leader Board Banner

On a side note, today my husband and I celebrate 15 years of marriage! Time flies when you’re having fun!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! :) I LOVE your alphabet games! I'm really having trouble controlling myself because I want to buy all of them! :)

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  3. Not sure what happened to my previous post (I somehow deleted it) so I am going to comment again because your ABC ideas are too awesome not too! I love all the pictures and hands on interactions you have going on! I shared on facebook too!

  4. Definitely put these items on my wish list! When is that TPT sale coming?!?!?! : ) Your activities look so cute and engaging, much better than the ones that are included in my regular language arts program! LOL Thank you for sharing!
    Mrs. B's Beehive

  5. Mrs. B - not sure when the sale is - they're usually pretty top secret! But, these are all on sale NOW for 20% off! On sale until Friday!

  6. Just got hired! :) Just missed TPT's BTS sale. :( Will another come quickly? I want to buy your Set 1 and Set 2 ABC centers. What GREAT ideas!