Trying something new….Project 365 & Daily 5

I guess I have been MIA for a while, huh?  I’ve been so busy with life, and I needed to spend a little time away from this little old blog.  I apologize.  My updates may be fewer and more far between these days.  My girls are keeping me busy these days. My husband has been travelling for work a lot.

Life has been busy.

One of my goals this year is to try to slow down – less time on the computer, more time on life.  I want to share with you a little project that I’m doing for my family.  Have you heard of Project 365?  The goal is to take 1 photo a day of anything that happens in your life.

A local photographer has been participating in it for the past 4 years, and I’ve loved how she captures everyday moments in her children’s and families lives.  I’ve always wanted to do it, but found it hard since I don’t always have a camera close by.  But, I do always have my phone close by, and phone cameras are pretty good these days.

So, on January 1, I started chronicling the day by day of my family on Instagram.  Not my Growing Kinders Instagram, but my personal Instagram. 


FYI – My personal Instagram is set to private – I like to keep some things private, and the idea of my kiddos faces being all over Instagram kinda scares me. (That’s why you don’t see my posting too much personal info here either!)

Periodically, I’ll print out my Instagram pictures at Printstagram and add them to my Smashbook.  I printed some before Christmas, and they made me SO happy.  I love looking at them.  I love how I’m chronicling my family’s life in such an easy way. 

There are also a few apps available on itunes if you don’t Instagram!

Want to do Project 365 with me?


Okay, onto the school stuff.  I’ve been dragging my heels about starting Daily 5 for a long time.  I’ve always firmly believed that the Daily 5 is a way of managing literacy centers, and I had such a great handle on my literacy centers.  Kids worked well, the rotations worked great, we loved the activities, I could manage literacy centers  really well.

Well, most of my school wasn’t doing literacy centers.  So they decided to jump on the bandwagon.  My administrator always told me that what I was doing was great.  But, in the back of my mind, I thought I should do more to prepare my kiddos for the “language of the Daily 5.”

Since they already understand literacy centers and rotations, I thought I might as well give it a go.  If I can do it with 25 kids, I can do it with any number of kids, right?

So, I want to visit my colleague Lexy.  She is teaching 1st grade this year, but started using Daily 5 last year in Kindergarten.  She explained to me her rotation chart, and a light went off. 

I can do this.

This chart is the brain child of Lexy.  It’s all her thinking. 

I take no credit for it.

daily 5

I looked at it a few times, and it made NO sense to me.  I’ll explain in more detail in another post how the structure of the chart works.

Oh, and the super cute cards are from {here}.

I store everything I need here:


Except for listening to reading – I forgot to take a picture of my storage for those.  I’ll try to snap a picture tomorrow!

Many of the activities in the drawers are from this brand new unit:



I also have activities in the drawers from other units that I’ve put together.  You can find those {here} {here} {here} and {here}   Penguins! Math and Literacy ActivitiesHot Chocolate Math and Literacy Centers Snowmen! Activities For Math and Literacy

 Bundle Up! Math and Literacy Centers to Keep you Warm! 

You can find blog posts about these activities {here} {here} and {here}!

I’ll be back with more Daily 5 ramblings later this week!

Stay tuned!


  1. I understand about spending too much time on the computer. Between creating activities for my classrom and tpt, and keeping my blog current, I am on the computer all the time! I hope to cut down on time on the computer too.

    Heart of Kinder

  2. Yay, Kathleen! I am so excited you are jumping into the Daily 5 routine! I sure love it and have seen such great growth in my students this year! Thanks for the shout out. :)