Daily 5 Update and Choices

We are in the middle of ANOTHER blizzard up north.  This is was the worst yet this winter, and on top of that, we are asked to turn our thermostats down to 60 because of the pipline burst about 100 miles from us. It’s a bit chilly in my house! It’s another week of subzero temps this week, so hopefully they are able to repair the pipeline soon!

We’ve been busy in our house in January…

with birthdays….


and dance….

imageand winter fun…

image image

But, in the classroom, our Daily 5 rotations are going fantastic!  I think that it has really helped that the children had a very solid foundation of what they are supposed to do during our literacy rotations.  The only difference is that they are now working independently rather than in a group.

Here is a reminder of what my rotation chart looks like:


Here’s the details…


It looks a little tricky, but it’s really simple, and the kiddos caught on super quick!

There are 6 activities for each daily choice (we are not doing partner reading yet).  The number next to the child’s name corresponds to the activity that they will do.  I rotate the names across the top after each round (we are doing 3 rounds).

The children take the cards from the chart and find their corresponding activity.  They either velcro the card to a clipboard or leave it right next to them.  So far, they are doing a fantastic job remembering to put the card back when they are done!

At the end of each day, I rotate the name cards.  I know that this was day 2 of rotations because the cards are orange.  The next day the cards were yellow, and then green, and blue, and so on.  On the 7th day, I let the children choose which activity they want to do (either for the 2nd time or if they missed it because they were in reading groups).

(The cards are from A Year of Many Firsts, by the way – they are free on TpT!)

All of the activities are kept here:


Each drawer has the corresponding number and picture card.

Choice 6 for word work and work on writing are kept in these baskets:


I keep clipboards with a velcro dot right by the activity so they can put their choice card there.


Listen to reading is kept in these bags:


There are 2 bags with portable CD players, 2 bags with ipads, the 5th bag has the book in it and they will go to a classroom CD player, and listen to reading #6 is located in our class library.

One of my most favorite finds this round were these:

Listening Center Twist BUNDLE~QR Code reveals story~60 Pop

I have a set of ipads, so these were PERFECT.


I just add the QR code for the book to the bag, and the kiddos scan with the ipad and listen to the book.  They do a super quick response activity afterwards.  They LOVE this new twist on Listen to Reading!

Okay, onto the goodies inside the drawers.  Here are a few things that I have in the drawers:


These 2 are both from my January word work pack – I REALLY hope to get a February pack done too….it will be very similar to this one – super easy to prep, and very predictable activities for the kids.  The goal is independence, so I want them to know how to do it without asking for help!


This is from my Short E intervention pack.  The children are really enjoying the activities from these intervention packs – they are great for small group work as well as independent centers and whole group.  We use our word sliders every day to review blending!


This activity is part of the January Word Work pack.

IMG_8436  IMG_8438

Here is another super amazing activity from Sue Lynch.  We LOVE this!! 


iPods~Sight Word iPods w/ QR CODES revealing fluency sente

If you want this recording page, you can download it {here}.

These next 2 are “in the works” on my computer.  I am working on a couple of super easy, predictable activities for word work and work on writing.  These will be part of my Frugal Teacher Series of activities.  (I have a lot of these started, but finding the time to finish has been tricky this year!)

IMG_8434 IMG_8441

This app is called Jumbled Sentences, and it is a free one! The kids put the words in order to make a sentence.  When they finish level 1, I have them write 2-3 more sentences on their own.


Stay warm friends! I’ll be back with an update of what we are working on during our math centers!


  1. I love all the ideas in your post. I am just getting an ipad and can't wait to use QR codes. Bummer about the pipeline. Hopefully it warms up soon. Where are you teaching? We are in the middle of a blizzard too and had school called off again tomorrow.

  2. I love your Daily 5! How do you hold them accountable that they are actually doing the work and not goofing off? I'm a kindergarten Title I teacher, and I recently had a discussion with my K colleagues about doing Daily 5 or centers, and they all disagreed with me because they believe that the students would just be silly and not do anything (they do whole group instruction).... Where are you located? I'm in northern Ohio and we have had snow all weekend and have used 7 snow/cold days and will probably use more this week as the sub zero temps come again. We had school 1 day last week. The end of January is busy for us with birthdays; my husband's is today, and our youngest had her 16th on Thursday-the one day we had school! Stay warm!

  3. I love how you've structured your Daily 5! I may have to make some changes to my rotations...thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for all your ideas..they are great! I was wondering if you are doing both Daily 5 and Literacy Stations? Can you give an example of your class schedule? Thanks for all your help!

  5. Sounds like those kids have heaps of fun during Daily 5! And I love the QR code activities.

  6. LOVE the Frugal Teacher series... and LOVE this app!!! And I have to tell you, I'm currently reading Pippi Longstocking to my kinder-kiddos and I think of your daughter every time I read the name "Annika!" :)

  7. So many great Daily 5 activities in one spot. Thank you!!