Letter Confusion?

Do you have some babes that still struggle with letter confusion?  No matter how hard we work, there are always a few that will forget and write a letter backwards.

I’ve tried lots of different strategies, but the one that always works for me is simply directing them to to the alphabet chart or alphabet line.  They just need to check and validate it for themselves! Eventually they do get it right? (I hope!)


But, now, I am super excited to try something new with my RTI group.  It’s from my super sweet friend Holly from Mrs. Ehle’s Kindergarten Connections, and it is AMAZING!!! I love how kids really have to look CLOSELY at the letter, and refer back to the anchor – either on the paper or on the alphabet line – to verify that it is actually the letter.

Here’s a little background showing the thinking behind this amazing product:

How amazing is this?!

You can find it right {HERE} or by clicking the product image above.

I’ve searched around a bit and gathered up some ideas that you can try in your classroom too.  (Click on the image to go to the source!)

Free! Use these 2 poster/signs to help students'with b and d confusion

There's been a little confusion between little d and little b around our house.  So here's a fun game to help get them straight:  Letter Slap -- A Game for Discerning Letters


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Oh, Holly also has a number confusion pack too! Yippee!!


  1. This looks fantastic! Thanks so much!


  2. Very helpful! Thanks :-)

  3. Kathleen... So glad you find this packet useful! :) This method has worked wonders with my kiddos for years. I just re-assessed and I literally have 0 kiddos with letter confusions. YAY! Not even b and d! I have 30 kiddos too! I am just so happy to be able to help out other k teachers and kiddos! :) Blessings!