I will be starting my last semester of graduate school in January, and will soon begin working on my scholarly project.  My topic is vocabulary instruction.  I would love to hear how everyone teaches vocabulary in their classroom.  (I’m talking about  tier 2 words as well as academic vocabulary.)  Have you seen a decrease in the amount of vocabulary kids know?  How are you addressing this issue?  I’m excited to get going on this project and blog about the activities that I will do with my kinders for my project!!  Be watching in January!! 

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  1. I have a pocket chart with "theme" words for the month, We add words all through the month. At the end of the month, I put them into an envelope with a theme graphic on the outside. They are available to the children. When I make our theme word cards, I make two- one with a picture and one with just the word. The children can take the one out without the graphic to use to write the word.

    Another thing that I do is from Daily5/Cafe- to the expand your vocabulary part, I teach them to call them Razzle Dazzle Words. I use glitter-looking bulletin board letters and we display them on our wall.