Veteran's Day

Five year old's may not understand what Veteran's Day is all about, but they do understand that their mom's and dad's leave them for extended periods of time.  Teaching the children of the men and women of the Air Force is an honor. The children sacrifice so much so their parent's can protect our freedom.

Our principal presented each of the classroom's with this book at our Monday Morning Assembly.

We also did some of the activities in Deanna Jump's Veteran's Day packet  - be sure to pick this up before Thursday.  You will love it!

We started to learn Deanna's original song that is in her packet, called American Soldier.  Hearing the children sing this song brings tears to my eyes.  They are pretty amazing kids.  There is also a book that goes with the song.  We read/sang the book and focused on the word "you."

We also made our "airmen."  The children were so excited to make these, because this is how they see their mom's and dad's every day!  I am excited for parent's to see them!  We will finish up the project with a short writing activity tomorrow.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the men and women that protect our freedom every day.    The flags from the entrance of our base say it all.  We remember.


  1. Wow....I love all of your great ideas. I am a big fan of Mrs. Jump. :) I am going to check out that book!

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