What Happened to February? Whirlwind Review and What’s Coming up…

Seriously.  It flew by!

Here is what we have been up to in my classroom…

We celebrated the 100th day.  The day was so crazy I barely had time to capture many pictures!  All of the activities we did came from my 100th day unit.

Here is a TINY snippet…

100th day

You can see more 100th day ideas {here}!

We’ve also been working on some lovey dovey Valentine’s fun!

Valentine 1

Valentine 2

These are all from my Valentine center pack!

collage7896new vday collage23456789new


This week we are working on US Symbols.  I am not quite ready to switch over my daily 5 and math centers yet, but when I do, we will be doing activities from this unit:

3 Cheers for the Red, White and Blue! Math and Literacy Ac

Here is a fun little game to review US Symbols that you can download for free from my store:

American Symbols Interactive Pocket Chart Game

and I absolutely ADORE these QR activities from Sharing Kindergarten. We did the US President’s set on President’s day, and my principal was THROUGHLY impressed! My kiddos were SO engaged – I can’t wait to do the US symbols one!

QR Scan & Learn~ US Symbols

I will also throw in some of my center activities from my I Can Learn Can You pack, in honor of the kitty that wears that striped hat! In case you’re looking for some fun stuff for Dr. Seuss week, you can take a peek at my Circus themed centers – I know they aren’t Dr. Seuss, but that kitty in the hat is protected by trademark.  These activities fill in nicely! Click {here} to check it out!


I’m hoping for a little more normalcy in March – my life has been a bit crazy – we almost lost my Dad at the end of January when his heart stopped TEN times.  Oh boy.  It’s been a long medical journey for him, but hopefully things will start to go better now.  I spent many days at the hospital keeping him and my mom company.

IMG_4322 My girls have been dancing like crazy this month too! My oldest has had 2 competitions, and will be competing one more time this weekend.  I REALLY wanted to do Word Work packs for February and March, but with my dad’s health and my girls’ dancing life, other things had to be put on hold!


So, until next time friends!  Be sure to stop over by my Facebook Fanpage too! I’m thinking I’ll have a few surprise giveaways over there this week!! Stay tuned…..


  1. Your girls are precious...prayers for your daddy...

  2. Kathleen, your entire family is in my prayers. I lost my dad this past December to prostate cancer at the (relatively) young age of 73.


    Barb W.