Seuss Week! It’s a Flashback!

So my computer is up and running now! Yay! I’ll catch up more later tonight, but here is a post that I did WAY back that never got uploaded……


What an exhausting, but fun week it was! Crazy sock day, Wacky Wednesday, Hat Day, a blizzard that passed us by, an amazing story teller, green eggs and ham, assessing, assessing, assessing, and roads to ice skate on on the way home. Phew.

Here are a few pictures from the week!

Practicing odd and even numbers on the IWB:



After we read “The Foot Book” we measured ourselves with the giant foam feet from Lakeshore Learning, drew a self-portrait and wrote how many feet tall we are.  This idea came from April over at Chalk Talk.


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about process vs. product art for children.  I enjoy doing the popular crafts and activities with my kiddos, but there are a couple of drawbacks – 1. I’m doing all the work prepping them, and 2.  They are all the same – I’m not seeing the individuality of each student.  When I came across these adorable fish based on One Fish, Two Fish from Deep Space Sparkle, I knew I had to make them! So, I threw my morning plans out the window and went to work on them.  I LOVE THEM.  I can totally see the personalities of all my kiddos in them! How do you feel about process vs. product art?



And, here are all of my adorable things (minus 2)! (without faces, of course, to protect the innocent :)

my things

I made Thing necklaces for them to wear – we lined up in sequential order, by odd numbers, by even numbers – we had lots of fun with our numbers throughout the day!  Don’t you just love those Thing hats too?  I found the idea here!


And one of my lovely colleagues gave me this at the end of the day.  You can guess what the drink was that she gave me, and it wasn’t a juice box. :)


  1. I prefer process art to product art, so that they are actually learning something about art. It's fun to take something home that actually looks nice too though. Sometimes I think all the preschool art is so much cuter than the Kindergarten art, but that's just because of the process/product thing.

  2. I love their hats and signs for thing 1,2,3, etc.. So fun! We always do the cat and the hat hats. But, everyone else does at my school. Next year-- I'm doing that instead!!
    Teaching, learning, & Loving

  3. Please, please tell me you have an April song in the wing.........
    Oh how we LOVE, LOVE your monthly songs!
    Thanks for your remarkable stuff!

  4. Oops! Kinda forgot that it's a new month! I'll work on that and TRY to get it posted tonight. I've been sick this past week, and haven't accomplished a whole lot! Gonna have a blizzard now for my sore throat and then I'll get back to it :)

  5. I LOVE when all the projects turn out a little different. So I guess I lean more towards process. I confess to prepping just enough of a project to try to have it turn out but I can't even get my glyphs to turn out "cookie cutter" cute. Sometimes it depends on the purpose of the project.

    It looks like you had a great Seuss Day/Week? I safety pinned Thing 1-24 signs on my kids shirts for our Seuss celebration. I was so surprised that my kiddos wanted to be sure to take them home. They looked pretty ragged after a day of fun. We did blue wigs too. I love to see them excited about learning.

  6. Thanks for your picture. Looks like the kids had a ball and you had lots of opportunities for math leaning with the Thing numbers, too! Love Dr. Seuss!