Have you seen these little cuties?


I first heard about these adorable markers from Katie over at Little Warriors.  I contacted the good people at Scentos and they sent me some to try out myself.

I have to tell you, my kiddos went nuts-o over these markers! They smell SO yummy too!  With flavors like watermelon, orange, grape, strawberry, green apple (my favorite!) and blueberry, what’s not to love!


(Here are all the scents – I need to find the other ones! YUM! CHOCOLATE???!! HELLO!!)

I use these markers when I check the student’s center work – I draw a huge smiley face, star, or other character on their work, and they love it.  They get to pick out the color that they want, and they walk to their mailboxes smelling their papers.  It’s kinda funny actually!

The colors are nice and bright too, and the faces on the markers just make me smile.  The tip is a bullet tip…I would LOVE to see it in a chisel tip like the good old Mr. Sketch markers too. 

The best part about these little fellas?  They’re only a BUCK!  I’ve seen them at Michael’s and at Wal-Mart.  They’re a little harder to find at Wal-Mart though.  I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the bunny ones – but no luck!


They also have other fun products like Bubbles and Chalk holders! I found the chalk holders at Michael’s and picked up one of each for my 5 year olds Easter basket! She’s going to LOVE them!

So go out to Wal-Mart or Michaels and pick your self up one…or two….or three……


  1. ooooooohhhhh fun! I will have to check these out for sure! My favorite thing is when my kinders use Mr. Sketch markers and by the end of the day their noses are multi colored from all the sniffing of fun marker flavors. I am guilty of this too! Come to think of it Mr. Sketch should make an 'adult' version of markers...Margarita, Mojito, Pina Colada : )


  2. Mmm, I love smelly markers... and smencils.. and those scented rulers, too!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. these look like so much fun!! i'll have to get some for my preschool kiddos.

  4. How fun!! I'm definitely going to have to go out and grab some! My kids do the same thing with smelly stamps!

    Do you use "smellies" in your classroom as incentive?? (Lipsmacker chapstick - just rub a little on the back of their hand as incentive rather than a sticker, etc.) My kids stand like little soldiers to get some!

    Rowdy in Room 300

    1. YES! I do! I haven't done it in a while though! Maybe I need to break those out again!!

  5. Don't share these things with me, I am always addicted to markers. Right now I use the Mr. Sketch scented markers that are fat and skinny to grade papers. So, looks like I need to put these on my list for Monday's road trip!! Thanks for sharing~

  6. i sent an email over to their company to see if they would send me a free sample.... fingers crossed!!

  7. What fun! We LOVE the smelly markers in our room too! I will be searching for these and maybe send the company an email too--thanks so much!
    meet me at the zoo...

  8. WOW! I have got to get me some. My kiddos like to use different marker/pens for write the room. They would love these. How much are they?

  9. I've seen these at Michaels and now with your rave about them, I want to get them :)
    -Lovely Nina

    Lovely Little Learners

  10. They had bunny and chick ones at Wal-Mart this year! I got some a few weeks ago and have loved using them for the past 3 weeks. I can't help but smell them occasionally after I put a big smilie face on the students paper! I really want to find some non-seasonal ones that I can use all year long! I love them!

  11. Cool! I can't wait to try these! Who doesn't love smelly markers? Thanks for sharing. If you have a chance drop by my new blog and check it out.


  12. You've been tagged! Go to my blog to check it out:)

  13. Oh, just bought some at Michaels! thanks for the great idea

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  15. Tag You're It!
    Visit my site to read about it. Liz :)

  16. I want some! I have never seen them before, but you bet when I do, I'll be snatching them up. Thanks for sharing.
    Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

  17. You have been tagged! Come over to check out the fun! :)


  18. Had to get Found them at Michael's (dumped in a shopping cart to put away somewhere---the employees I asked about them said that they were Easter basket stuffers, and were destined to be put away). Was hoping they were on sale, but no such luck. Just glad I found them! Thanks!


  19. My Kindergarten kids love these markers as well! I put a few into our marker basket at a time that way it keeps them searching for new ones :-) I've nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award because you have great ideas!

  20. Oh my gosh! I love these. I live in Hawaii and when you originally posted about these I went to our Wal-Mart and of course we did not have them, I was bummed. Well I just spent a month on the mainland and my mom was cracking up at me because I made her stop at all the Wal-Marts. I only found them at one but I was so excited I bought all they had only 7, but I went back after they restocked and bought 20 more. I was like score! Thanks so much for sharing, we are going to have some fun this year! Aloha, Jeanenne