Easter Week Centers

We have a 3 day week this week and next, so I switched things up a bit and went for 6 math and 6 literacy centers for the next 2 weeks.  So far so good!

Here is what the kiddos are working on:


Counting Syllables


Using our sight words to write super sentences!


Practicing the tricky tr and dr blends:


Matching ending sounds to the picture and stamping the CVC word:


Cracking an egg to write the digraph:



Adding with 3 numbers: 


Still working on naming and saying the value of coins.


Which number is bigger?


Working with number words.  The children crack an egg and build the number word with the letter tiles that are inside of each egg. (download this one below!)


Who doesn’t love Peeps?


I think I forgot to snap a pic of the recording sheet for these 2 centers. The top one is for count the room, and the bottom is for an egg vowel hunt.


Here are some centers that we did last year too…I would love a comment if you download!  I’m making cookies/dessert for Easter – what’s your favorite thing to make for your kids (or with your kids) for Easter?



For this center, you can use picture cards or miniatures (like the ones from Lakeshore)


I can’t remember where the original idea for this sheet came from.  If you know or if it’s you, please let me know so I can give credit where it is due!  For this activity (doing it on Wednesday!), I put an assortment of jelly beans in a plastic egg – each child gets an egg to sort and graph. Fun!


We follow Scott Foresman Reading Street, and I usually save the book Bunny Time for this time of year.  We use this sheet to record things that we do in the morning, afternoon, and night.


Let me know what goodies you like to bake for Easter! Leave a link if you can!


  1. Thank you for sharing! Happy Easter!

  2. Kathleen,
    Your spring centers look darling.
    Thank you so much for the Crack a Sight word chick recording sheet. I found the chicks at the 99 cent store and can't wait to put together this center!!!

  3. Your centers look great

    Ms. Patterson

    Thanks for sharing

    Pocket Full of Kinders

  4. HI Kathleen,
    Great Easter games! I wish I would have had them before our Spring break! I will have to hang onto your ideas until next year!

    Also - I've been following your blog on my preschool blog for parents, and recently started my own blog for teachers. Hop on over and follow me at www.sweetlifeofteaching.blogspot.com---THANK YOU!

  5. Thank you for sharing! Love your blog :)

  6. I love getting a peek at what other teachers are doing in their centers each week! These are great! I just started following your blog...I love it! =)


  7. Thank you for the great ideas. Our district is looking into Reading Street for our next reading curriculum. How do you like it as a K teacher? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you and have a blessed Easter.


  8. LOVE these! Mine are in progress too! This packet of yours is perfect for this week! My favorites easter dish is... World Famous Sweet Potatoes. YUM! christy.inglis@sendit.nodak.edu

  9. Fabulous centers. The graphics on those sheets are adorable. Renee

  10. I am looking for a better way to organize my centers each week. I noticed in your photos that it looks like you used the containers with drawers and put a letter on each one to help organize. I would love to know more about your set up for centers. I love going to your site and getting ideas.

  11. I am so excited to do all of the fun Easter stuff this week too! Thanks for sharing the cute little freebies! For Easter, I bake the AMAZING sweet potato casserole! It is almost as good as my grandmother used to make...

  12. Thanks so much! These will be fun!

  13. Just what I need for this week!! Their energy level has been like loose chickies lately!! Thank You Thank You!! Luv your ideas!! We have a blue bird nest beside our play ground and So far we have 4 blue eggs. I thought to make a nest eggs out of chow mein noodles with candy eggs for my kids to celebrate.Smoky Mountains,TN

  14. Cute!
    I will be making Peep s'mores (thank you Pinterest) this year! I have never liked Peeps but I LOVE s'mores!

    Kindergarten Simplicity

  15. So many CUTE ideas- thanks! I'm a homeschool mom and center ideas are WONDERFUL for "On the road" schooling. We call them competency bags, and I am always looking for new ideas at many grade levels. I'm incorporating most of your Easter ideas. These are really terrific. Thanks!!

  16. I love your centers. I recently bought your insect unit and can't wait to use it in a couple of weeks. I just started my own blog. I would love if you took a look.

  17. Thanks so much. These are great!