Terra Firma

After an exhausting two days of traveling, we have finally made it to Norway.  This is an annual trip that we make to visit my husband's parents.  This trip was a tough one -- we had awful roller coaster turbulence coming out of Minneapolis - my poor daughter got sick.   And of course she's not used to the twisty turny roads here, and got sick on the way home too.  Poor girl!

Anyway, we are here, safe, on solidi ground!  I hope to find some time to work on some things for all of you while I am here.  There was a list started on an earlier post, but if you could continue to post your wish list or questions that you have here, I will try to answer them!

I also hope to be able to get into my mother-in-laws school to show you what a Norwegian school and classroom looks like!

One more thing....if you find the time...I would love for you to vote for my blog in the Really Good Stuff blog contest!  I am in the first column of the K-4 blogs.  Thank you! (just click on the image below!)

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