Super Easy Alphabet Ideas

We all have extra magazines laying around right?  How about putting those to good use in your classroom?! Just make sure they are child friendly – no Cosmo or Glamour here! Parenting magazines work great (but make sure to go through them before you give them to kids!)

Here’s what you do:  Give your student this alphabet sheet:


and a pile of magazines…


and put them to work finding letters to cut out and glue on their sheet! Fun? Easy? Keeps them busy for a long time? Yep!!

Here’s another alphabet activity that I found on Pinterest.



Click {here} to read the original post! Awesome, easy idea! Prep it now while the sun is still shining!

How about these great cards?


These are the cards that Doodle Bugs Teaching made from the free download over at Mrs. Saylor’s Log.

What else have you found or made for easy back to school alphabet ideas?


  1. Thanks Kathleen,
    These are great ideas. It would be so cute to have kids spell out their name and leave it in the sun.
    Sometimes simple ideas are the best in kindergarten.

  2. Love all these and simple!!!

    I made some upper-case to lower-case matching activities using water bottle lids...the sticky dot circles fit perfect on the lids (I had everybody I knew saving them)! It was inspired by this post:

    Another cute alphabet idea using links we all have for math to link upper-case and lower-case letters together (
    I also thought I'd have students link the whole alphabet together in order!

    Thanks for sharing these cute ideas!

  3. love your blog-thanks for the ideas!

    can you please stop by my blog-I am new and would love followers to get me started!


  4. Oh how cauuutttee! This is even good for 1st grade at the beginning of the year! LOVE


  5. I totally want to do the sun alphabet pages! Then I can just laminate them and set them out for some review at the beginning of the year! Cute!

    Teachers Ask, Teachers Tell

  6. Seriously!! How FUN is the SUN FADE one!! And SUPER EASY TOO! The kids will Love those!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Sarah Hetrick

  7. What fun ideas, thank you!! I am planning on doing some different activities with matching uppercase to lowercase letters. I have one where the students have 2 sets of magnetic letters (uppercase and lowercase) and have to find the letters' partners.

  8. We do the sun fade here at home. We've done words, but we've also done themes. Like: living things (used shaped animals/plants) or guess the item (someone fills a page with shapes and others have to guess what made the shape). No matter how many times we do it, it's fun for them every time.

  9. In my classroom we love anything that involves food! So I purchased Alphbets cereal, or something equivalent, and give the kids a sorting mat or let them explore with the letters (i.e. spelling their names, friend's names, familiar words, etc.) And the best part-getting to eat the alphabet!!

    (I am also a new blogger, come visit me sometime-love all the things you do with your kids!)

  10. So fun to to see a picture on my blog here!! thank you!

  11. I can't wait to make the fade in the sun letter match game. Too cute!!!

  12. Thank you for sharing these great ideas! Love the sun-fade idea.

    Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

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