Writing Center in First Grade

A favorite center this year in first grade was our writing center.  My students LOVED to write and they always wanted to sit at this table!


The table fit 2 people, but they always tried to squeeze in more :)


During Daily 5 Time (or center time), the children had the option to work on whatever genre of writing they chose.  They might write in their journals (our first unit of study), or they might choose to write a list, or work on scrambled sentences, or write imaginative stories using prompts.

They had a large selection of different types of paper available to them.


Class writing journals available {HERE}

One of our favorite activities was always scrambled sentences.  They loved unscrambling these sentences!



The first few months of school are available in my store now:

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Slide1 Slide1

I always make sure I display the children’s writing! They love picking up the books that they have created either during Writers’ Workshop or during independent center time.



If you would like to try out the list books in your classroom, here are some freebie covers!


And here are the I can Statements that I have hanging up in my writing center:



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  2. I LOVE IT~~~ I can't wait to introduce to my little ones!

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