It’s All About the Alphabetic Principle

Okay, wait.  Hold up.  The alphabetic principle? What’s that?  You all know what it is, you just may not say to your student’s “Today we are going to learn about the alphabetic principle.”
The alphabetic principle is made up of the basic understanding of the alphabet and using letter-sound correspondence.
We all teach the alphabetic principle.  There are different schools of thoughts on how to teach it.  Some teachers and curriculum choose to do a letter of the week approach.  Others, like myself, choose alphabet immersion.  We learn about the alphabet all day long! 
Here are some fun ways we immerse ourselves in the alphabetic principle:
We play games during our morning meeting and when we have an extra moment in the day.
This ice cream game is fun to play during large group or even in small interventions groups.
This is a great game to get your kiddos up and moving!
Katie and Company makes the BEST games!
This is an oldie but a goodie from Dr. Jean!
We all know about this game! Bam, Zap, Pow – whatever you call it, you know the kids LOVE it!
We also practice the alphabetic principle independently during center time!
We use manipulatives.
We build the letters.
We write the letters.
We sort sounds and letters.
We dig for letters.
We even pull out our mystery bag and match letters.
We like to get a little crazy sometimes and shake up the letters.
We even pretend to be bakers.
Don’t forget fishing for letters!
We play I Spy.
And we even throw the letters around!
However you do it, I strongly believe it’s important to make learning the alphabetic principle fun and engaging.  It is important to use all modalities of learning.
Here are a few of my favorite resources to teach the alphabetic principle:
Click the image to be taken to the resource on Teachers Pay come learn with me games
Collageabc centrs
AlphaHeroes! Learning the Alphabet with Superheroes!
Bubble Pop! A Fast Paced Card Game (Letters & Sounds)
AlphaBump! An Alphabet Game
Monster Munch! An Alphabet Game
ABC Splat!
Crocodile Snap! {An ABC Game}
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  1. Fishing for letters! That sounds such a fun activity. It will be very helpful for me to teach my Phoenix preschool students letters and alphabets. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea and your favorite resources to teach the alphabetic principle.