What We’ve Been Up to…Winter

It’s been cold, cold cold here.  You can tell by our groundhog’s day graph what that our kiddos are ready for spring!


I really love crafts that are SIMPLE to make.  I don’t have time for a lot of prep and these little fellas were super simple.  I just used my circle scrapbook punches, and literally prepped these in 5 minutes.  The ears are about 2” circles cut in half and he feet are about 3” circles.  I think the head is about a 5” circle.  I’m not exactly positive though! I purchased all the punches at Michaels and use them ALL the time.   The graph is in a freebie groundhog’s day pack!  You can find  a couple other games here and here.

We also had some snowman fun!


My friend Julie Lee creates the best crafts! These little snowmen are from her.  My kiddos had so much fun making these and I love seeing the personalities in each one!


LOVE these adorable snowmen from the Glyph Girls and Julie!

These snowmen are a retelling of The Mitten.  Another idea from Julie!

IMG_2205   IMG_2204

We made these beautiful winter trees in art class.  I just love the way they turned out.



Mittens and gloves are definitely a must up here! The children traced their hands to show their favorites.


You can download the data sheet {here} from Vicki’s blog!



This is a favorite project that we do every year! I used my circle punches for this too.  I love how these look hanging up.  I’m going to be sad to take down all of our snowman stuff.  Although I REALLY REALLY want spring to come!!


Check out this post for the math and literacy centers that we worked on during our snowman/mitten units.  We were so busy that I forgot to take any pictures!


  1. WOW! I love all of your winter crafts! And seriously LOVE your groundhog graph! SO CUTE!!! :)

  2. Thanks girl! Love you! Pinned your winter trees....so cute!

  3. Your room and hallway are *super* cute! The winter trees with foil backing are my fave:)

  4. I love the glove/mitten graph. I am going to put a note in my January binder to do this next year (and perhaps I will do it soon as well). Also love the snowman letters in your name graph. Thanks for sharing.
    Kindergarten is Dazzling

  5. Love the winter trees...definitely going to make those next year! Your graph turned out so cute...glad you were able to use the data page!
    :) - Vickie
    Mrs.Plant's Press

    1. Yes! Thank you! I forgot to add a link -- I'll add it now :)

  6. I have pinned those name snowmen like 4 times, hahah. Just LOVE them! And those groundhogs are PRESH! Thanks for the great ideas! :)

  7. The name snowmen are one of our favorites. So cute! It all looks amazing! Lucky lil kiddos :)

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  8. I love glyphs - and the snowmen are precious! Renee

  9. I agree, the snowmen are super cute! Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures! I just love your blog and was hoping you might follow mine. It is new, very new :), but it would be great if you could follow. It is sweetkindergartenkiddos.blogspot.com

    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas with us!