Pumpkins! Math and Literacy Centers!

Here is what we are doing during center time this week! IMG_4855_thumb[8]

This is an oldie, but a goodie! I made this set of pumpkins about 5 years ago when I saw it in my friend Leslie’s classroom. I updated the response sheet this year though! The kids are doing great with this center!


This is another that I pulled out from the closet! There are numbers 1-10 written on the pumpkins. The kids use the tweezers to put the pumpkin erasers into the correct pumpkin cup. They then write the number on the pumpkin and fill in the ten frame. They are really enjoying this one!


Sequencing numbers.


At this game, the children roll the dice and put that many cubes on a pumpkin. When they’ve covered all of their pumpkins, they link all the towers together and spin the spinner to see who won! The longest tower or the shortest tower.

IMG_4859_thumb[8] IMG_4860_thumb[7]

This is a center that I adapted from Kim Jordano. It’s hard to see in the picture on the left, but there are tiny die cut pumpkins with color words on them. The children search for the pumpkins, write the color word, and color the pumpkin the correct color.


We’re beginning to work with CVC words! The children matched the pictures to the words and then filled in the beginning and ending sounds on their paper.


This center is adapted from Julie Lee – the children pull a miniature from the box and write the beginning sound.


Each week, we listen to a story. The children then respond to the story in the Listening Center Journal. I got this idea from my friend Traci! The pages are just plain printer paper, and we add a label each week that tells what the children were looking or listening for. We have really been working hard on identifying the setting and characters and drawing and writing about them in our books.


This is our IWB center for the week.  SUPER simple – nothing fancy! The words are mixed up underneath the pumpkin and the children put them in the correct order and read it. They LOVE working at the IWB!


Here is another idea for the IWB. We did this center last week. The children pulled the letters out of the pumpkin and put them in the correct order to build the sight word. The click on the mouse, and the word “magically” appears! They LOVED this one. Definitely one to do again!

(Sorry guys, I can’t share these flip charts, the clipart isn’t secured and it’s against the artists terms of use to share!)

If you’re interested in these activities, you can download them {here} {here} {here} and {here!}

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  1. These are so adorable! But then again everything you make is adorable! Thank you for sharing! :)

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  2. Great activities! Thanks for the freebies.

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  4. Everything looks great!! Thanks for all your wonderful ideas! I can always count on your blog for inspiration!!

  5. I love everything you create! You are amazing. I bought your It's Fall Y'all pack during the Back-to-School sale and my kids have thoroughly enjoyed the centers these past few weeks. Thank you for everything! By the way, where did you get those tiny little pumpkin containers? I must have them! :)

  6. Wow! Super awesome unit with really fun activities! We're feeling jealous of your students. :)

    And if you haven't heard, we have some pretty awesome IWB curriculum units that you might be interested in. You can learn more about them at CDLearningSpot.com...plus, we'd love to hear what you think about them.

    Happy Fall!

  7. Thank you for these cute center ideas Kathleen!

  8. Thanks for the freebies! love them and so will the kinders

  9. I know you can't give your whiteboard lessons away, but can you do a little tutorial for how to use those fonts and clipart within the program. It looks like a promethean board. Is that correct? I love all your stuff! It is so cute and inspiring! I follow your blog by email.

    Thanks! ~nicole, kteacher0708@yahoo.com

  10. These are all wonderful math stations. Thank you for sharing.Liz :)

  11. Thank you so much for sharing!! Your work is amazing! My kids love all of the centers that I buy and download from you. Thank you for sharing some freebies.

  12. Love the Pumpkin activities! Have already filed away for next year!!!

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