Snow, Report Cards, Puppies, and….poop?

My wonderful husband keeps telling me that spring is coming.  My question is when.  I have been waiting ever so patiently, but the snow is not decreasing….rather increasing.  A nice fresh coat of powder fell last night and this morning.  Hubby is excited because he might be able to ski again.

(Background – he grew up in Norway…where skiing is one of the main forms of transportation Winking smile – Norwegians are born with skis on their feet.  (Hence the reason my kids got skis when they were 3) Having moved to FLAT, COLD North Dakota, he doesn’t get to ski as often as he likes.  When there is enough snow on the ground, it is TOO cold. So, he’s a bit giddy at the idea of warmer temps (20) with new snow)

It’s really sad when the kids get excited about being at “purple” when we track the temperature.  It’s been “white” for quite some time.


When we FINALLY got to go outside today (it has to be warmer than –10 {with the windchill}, we had quite an adventure.  A lovely, excited, sweet puppy decided to join in on the fun.  What an adventure – trying to keep 40 curious kinder kids away from the joyful pup. {I was too afraid of the sweet puppy nipping a child! – Although they probably had enough layers that they would be okay!}

Progress reports also went home today.  What a draining process.  Our report cards have SO many entries.  I’m curious to know what others look like….

And, I know you’re DYING to hear about the poop.  Nope, it wasn’t on my floor, I leave that up to my friend and her classroom Winking smile.  It was quite an interesting discussion when a sweet dear one asked why stomachs can hurt. (While I’m conferencing with them during Writer’s Workshop).  I told her that sometimes you just need to go poop.  Can you guess the next questions?  Where does poop come from??….. then it went into a biology lesson….I would like to hear the dinner table conversations of those kiddos tonight…

So, on that note…

Here are a couple of printables..

The first ones are my very first pages in my March Calendar Book – they are originally from Jessica Meacham’s site, but I “fancied them up” a little bit.


Next is a Lion/Lamb sight word page.  March came in like a lion, I certainly hope it goes out like a lamb!



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  1. i wondering did you make your temp chart
    am looking to make one in a week anduse clothes pin each day to chart it . i have not done tons of diggingyet but looking at your picture that what i have in mind. if you dont mine me to ask . thanks

  2. The temperature chart is based on the Everyday Math series -- I made this one to use on my interactive white board. If you can get your hands on an Everyday Math series, there is a large temperature chart (paper!) that is available. Hope that helps!

  3. Well I'd love to see what your report cards look like too (being as we are on opposite sides of the state)! Ours are pretty old (letters, few basic reading concepts, numbers, popcorn words, and the math section is LITERALLY 4 entries--shapes, matches # to objects, can create a pattern and colors...really how much does that show???) Anyhow, it's really basic and needs to be UPDATED badly..hopefully we will turn into a more standards based report card soon!

    PS we got to go outside today too!

  4. Hi there! I use everyday math too! I'd love to have your smartboard file for your thermometer! We have a lot of entries on our report card too but we just updated ours so it's finally something somewhat useful!

  5. Queen of Hearts -- I use a Promethean board - the software is different from the SMART software - can your software import these files? You can send me an e-mail, and I'll send you the page.

  6. Yes! Yay! My email is You made my day! :)

  7. -10 degrees??? Seriously? I hope you're joking :) For us it has to be above 20 w/ the wind chill... and that's still so chilly to me!! :-)

    Cuuuute printables, BTW! Thanks!

  8. Yep, -10 WITH the windchill. If it had to be 20 above, we would NEVER go out in the winter! We're just hitting 20 above now!

  9. So... I am in Southern California and our report card is standards based and very demanding. They take hours to complete and I design the assessments for our district. I wonder what you would think of them. Our kindergarten is very academic and I spend most of my time trying to meet the standards and still have fun in the classroom. Progress reports are just another report card in my world!

  10. So what kinds of things do you have in your March Calendar book? I assume you have one for every month. Currently I have a calendar book for the year where the kids record the date and weather but I'd like to jazz it up a bit for next year.

  11. Lindsey - I'll do a post soon about what's in the calendar book - but here's an overview: My colleagues CONVINCED me to start in September - which I did and am SO happy I did! We started off with a calendar with numbers to trace and tracing the number of days we are in school. I also had pages for them to track when we sang days of week, months of year, and an alphabet page. I add to the book every month. Now we are up to about 10 pages that the kids do!! I had pics of February calendar, but never got around to posting it! I'll take pics on Monday, and post them next week!

  12. We are just down the highway 2 in MN - waiting for spring here too. We use Everyday math and Smart Bds too. I am having trouble finding a good therometer. Where did you find yours? Thanks for all the great ideas.

  13. joank - I made the thermometer - really it is just a thermometer with colored rectangles at each temperature interval. I just use "red ink" to draw up the temperature every day. Pretty simple!

  14. Thank you for sharing all of your monthly songs & the Lion & Lamb activity!! Soo cute!