Quick St. Patrick’s Art Idea


Super easy directed drawing of a pot of gold! 

1. Draw the grass line

2. Draw a “u” in the middle

3. Draw a “c” and a backwards “c” on each side of the pot – connect the lines

4. Add the gold

5. Add the lines for the rainbow

6. Go over each line with the corresponding color of crayons

7. Water color!

I also have done a version of this with a leprechaun next to it. I don’t have a picture, but I have my print out of what I did on my Activboard – I will try to remember to scan that tomorrow and post it for you to see! They turn out super cute!

Last day before spring break tomorrow!

Yep, our spring break is 2 days Sad smile - BUT, hey, the snow was melting today, and it was a BALMY 41 degrees! Break out the flip flops and capris!! Summer is here! ha!

*Update* Here is the screen shot of the directed drawing I did last year with the kiddos – we also did the leprechaun in the picture; I don’t know how I forgot him this year!  We might have done 2 drawings – one in which we labeled his clothing.  I can’t remember!! Excuse the mushroom scribble at the bottom, I am having problems getting Picasa to open, so I can’t crop it!



  1. I feel for you! We only get 3 days for Spring Break every year :( I am not really fond of the plan especially since I have to work 12 hours on Monday and Tuesday for Parent Teacher conferences. I am so exhausted by the time I get time off that all I want to do is rest! My kids and hubby go to another district and they get 6 days off plus 4 days for the weekends. Enjoy the time you get off!

  2. This is a great idea!! I love the simple yet cuteness of it!! thank you!! I am bookmarking it for next year!!

  3. you have great ideas! what font are you using on your blog?

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