Organization Linky Party!

As I was standing in my classroom today, I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly unorganized it is right now! I have stacks of filing to file (to be honest….files from AUGUST!), trade books that I need to weed through and get rid of, centers to organize, piles to get rid of, games to put away…. aaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!! STOP.THE.MADNESS.

I really WISH I was organized.  I think I am a little bit – my room looks good outwardly, but don’t you dare look behind the curtains or open the cupboard door – you may be injured from falling alphabets, books or dice. 

So, that got me thinking – how do YOU organize YOUR classroom? Share with us your best tips and tricks – I bet I’m not the only one who has some spring cleaning fever (although at –15 today, it hardly felt like spring!) So, leave a comment and tell us your best tip, or link up at your own blog! I (and many others!) would love to see some photos of your best organizational tips!

So, grab the image below – link up, and post away!!

get organized


  1. Kathleen, this is a great idea! :)

  2. Great! I can't wait to read everyone's ideas!


  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one feeling this way right now. I can't stand to be inside my classroom right now, but I have NO ENERGY to fix it. :/

  5. omg just came across your blog and i love it- what a fabulous idea- i love being organized! xo

  6. Thank you. This is what I'm currently working on in my classroom.

  7. Great idea!

  8. Awesome idea! I love to be organized but it does take some time and finding a way that works for YOU is key.
    I teach two kindergarten classes (one class everyother day) so I color code EVERYTHING from name tags to folders to baskets...everything. One class is red and one class is blue. It took me a few years to get it all down but now it's great. Also, anything for small groups/centers/ etc. is in green baskets or containers.
    Labeling every container is also helpful; for manipulatives and shelves that students use I always put a picture of the contents or what the shelf is supposed to look like to help them help me keep organized.
    I'm excited to read everyone's ideas!

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  10. Awesome idea!

  11. So I'm late joining up and some how missed the post but I posted pictures of my room on my blog

  12. What a great idea! I hate that I missed to join up! I'm hosting my first Linky Party right now and would love to have your ideas!! :)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

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