Pumpkin Jack

If you don't own the book, Pumpkin Jack yet, you need to order it for next year! It's such a great book explaining the life cycle of a pumpkin, and you could do a fun experiment with it too!

Deanna Jump has created an amazing science packet that includes an activity based on the book, Pumpkin Jack.  In volume 1, there are many other activities that follow the fall seasons.  You can find it here. The kids watch Jack every day, and we will add an entry in our science notebooks every week showing how Jack is decomposing. 

 (If anyone knows how to rotate images in blogger, please leave a comment! It is frustrating me to no end! The photo is portrait in iphoto, but imports landscape! argh!)

 Last year, I did just the crafty pages of the Zero the Hero books.  This year, I added an "All About the Number ___" page.  The kids write the number, the number word, tally marks, draw that many objects in 10 frames, and for 30 stamped 30 cents.  This was one of our math centers a few weeks ago.

 This math center is super easy to create, and came from my friend, Leslie.  She's not blogging yet, but she should - she always has great ideas!
 After we went to the pumpkin patch, the children did their pumpkin investigations.  It was super fun! The idea for this sheet came from Mrs. Lee.
 For a fun activity learning about adjectives, we all looked very carefully at our pumpkins and came up with words to describe them.  We only did the outside this year - next year I'll have to remember to do this activity when we open up the pumpkin! There are a whole new set of words to go with the inside ;)
 We charted the words, and then wrote pumpkin poems.
 This is the science center - I set out a variety of pumpkins and gourds for the children to explore and measure.  Pumpkin Jack sits here as well too.  I noticed yesterday he is just starting to mold -- the children will be very excited to see that on Monday!

Tomorrow I will post pictures from our Monster activities and Halloween! Friday was such a crazy day that I forgot to take pictures!


  1. I really like your math activities that use measuring and the science observations the class can make about Pumpkin Jack. I strive, as I think most of us do, to incorporate as many standards into one theme as humanly possible!

  2. Thank you for sharing what you do for Zero the Hero! I also felt like it was a little "fluff." Now I will actually have some math to go along with it :)

  3. Love these ideas!! Could totally be adapted for my 4th grade class. Just wondering is there any way I could get a copy of the Pumpkin Jack recording sheet? If so, plese email it to me carrie.waller@rcsd.ms THANKS in advance, Carrie

  4. I to would like a copy of the Pumpkin Jack recording sheet? Is there somewhere I can get it, or could you email it to me marie.lemmon@washk12.org