Math Centers

The new system for math and literacy centers is working so great! I'm really loving having 8 groups!  For math centers, the children choose where they want to go in the room - all have made really great choices this week!  I don't mind if they work on the floor, at a counter, or at a table, as long as they are getting their work done!  I keep the math centers in those 3 drawer sterlite drawers - I just call the kids by groups and give them their drawers.  The literacy centers are placed at different places throughout the room.  During literacy center time, the kids go to those spots. (Since some have pocket charts, they need to be at a specific spot!)

Here is a picture of the rotation chart:
 The numbers are for the math center drawers, and the letters for literacy centers.
This is how the centers look for literacy centers - there is a matching sign on the wall (or in this case the easel) and on the basket.  I think this has helped the kids know exactly where they need to be.  Phew!

Here are the math centers we did this week, and will continue to do next week:

 Halloween eraser graph - I found the dracula and cat erasers at the Target Dollar Spot, I had the pumpkin erasers (but I saw them at target this year), and I used plastic spiders.  I put them in a bucket and let the kids take a hand full.

 Spider addition:  the kids rolled the dice, counted that many spiders and put them on the first web, they did the same thing for the second web and counted how many they had all together.
 This cute clip art is from DJ Inkers -- love the monsters!  The kids measured them with unifix cubes and links.
 This idea came from Mailbox Magazine - the kids throw the ghost in the air and color the side that the ghost lands on.  When one side is full, they stop and compare with their partner.
 The children practiced writing their numbers to 30, and then counted the little lima bean ghosts into the pumpkins.
 Patterning with Halloween stamps. (From Target last year)
 Adding with cat playing cards (from Target last year)
Teen number sequencing


  1. These are great math centers and so easy to pull together from Target. Thank you for posting them!

  2. will you share your printables? You are very creative and talented. Your time is invaluable!

  3. I am loving your rotation chart! I will be borrowing this idea from you! Do you have one drawer per center for math? I love this idea too, and what a space saver!

  4. Yes, I have one drawer per center - I have 3 of the small 3-drawer containers stacked on top of each other. Sometimes the supplies are too big to go in the drawer, but I just put them on top. The kids are getting really good at putting them back in the right order too! The rotation chart is working great so far! I have the centers on velcro and just change them at the end of the day. I pinned the kids' names next to it. I didn't want to do velcro since some groups have 2 and some have 3 kids - easier to rotate without loooking messy! I can send you the PDF for the chart if you send me an e-mail.

    1. Can you send me the pdf? Thanks!

  5. That'd be great! Thank you so much!

  6. Awesome centers! I've been trying to refigure my math center time. How much time time do you allot for math? If you wouldn't mind sharing, my email is

  7. I too would love any of these printable you can share. What cd did the DJ Inkers monsters come from? Love all your ideas. They are GREAT!

  8. hi
    i like the rotation chart more than any others i have seen...believe me i have seen tons...
    could you send me your creation in a pdf?
    i don't have a blog of my own...but i do pass along ones i have found that are full of creative team will benefit!

  9. Hi

    I would love to share these with my team. I would appreciate it if you would send me a copy of the pdf file. : )

    Thanks so much, Debbie

  10. Hi! I am amazed at your stuff! Is there any way that I could please get a copy of your spider addition math mat and recording sheet? I would LOVE to use them with my kiddies! Thank you so much!

  11. can you send me the pdf as well? thanks in advance...

  12. Hi friends! Many of my math and literacy centers are included in my new fall pack. Here is the link:

  13. You are so created!!! :) I would loved to have the pdf files if you don't mind.
    Thanks in advance!!

  14. Do you make all of your own worksheets? I just love them! What program(s) do you utilize to create them? Do you provide access to the worksheets?

  15. Can you send me the PDF. Thanks so much.

  16. I am interested in your halloween and monsters worksheets.
    Please let me know if they are available

  17. I am LT subbing and would love the PDF's if they are available!

  18. Can I get a PDF of you math literacy rotation chart. I think it will be easier for my children to learn. If you can't I understand. Thanks!

  19. Hello, I was wondering if you could send me copies of any the math worksheets. I love these ideas for my Kindergartners. It is my first year teaching and looking for many ideas. My class would enjoy these. I am going shopping for these erasers.
    Thank you for your help.
    Lauren Ritzenthaler