Let’s Take it Waaayyy Back!

Way back to September 2nd and the first day of school.  In case you haven’t heard….


Yep, I graduated.  I am in a brand new school and I’m teaching first grade!

The beginning of the school year was a little bit difficult because of a tiny organ in my stomach.  My gallbladder.  Two weeks before school started, I found myself in the emergency room with pancreatitis.  After a couple of nights in the hospital, I had surgery to remove my gall bladder.  Needless to say, having surgery right before school starts is quite stressful!

But, the good news is, I’m all good now, and I am loving first grade!! So, here’s a quick flashback to a post that should have went up a while back!

Here is a peek into my new, LARGE room! I am spoiled with this HUGE room, and the amount of storage space.  Our classroom is definitely “lived in” now, so these are NOT perfect, organized clean pictures of my room.  This is real life :)

From the back of the room:


Also from the back.


This photo is from the doorway.  I LOVE this big countertop and the storage underneath!  The children love to sit here and work.  You can see their mailboxes, and the books that they check out each night to read at home.


This is our carpet space, where the magic takes place :).  


See that gray cart in the corner? That’s my laptop cart.  I’m super lucky to have access to a class set of laptops AND 6 ipads!


Looking back from the front of the room.  See those cabinets? LOVE. 



I LOVE our classroom library, and so do my kiddos!  They are so cute when the pull up the yellow stools and put their feet up while they are reading in the comfy chairs! 



Our Daily Focus board is my favorite part of our room. It really helps to focus my teaching and the children refer back to it constantly!



The children’s book boxes are stored here.


Our specials schedule and our rules against bullying.


I hope you enjoyed my little tour!


  1. Your room is to die for! LOVE!!!!

  2. I love your new space! There is so much room for everything! That is so awesome that you have a class set of laptops and six iPads. Looks like your off to a great start!

  3. Your room looks wonderful!! It's so colorful and happy! I love your rules under your focus board. Where did you get them?

  4. LOVE your new room, Kathleen! The library looks so cozy and cute! I bet the kiddos just love it! Good luck at your new school!

    One Sharp Bunch

  5. I LOVE your room...the decor, the size, the setup...you totally rocked it!

  6. Soooo jealous! All first grade classrooms should have that layout and that much storage/space/supplies! What a great start! Congratulations!

  7. I am SO glad to see you posting. I wondered what happened to you and now I know. So glad you are able to get back to school. Thanks for the wonderful pictures of your room! WOW! ?s for you - the apples people above your boards is this for sale at TPT and your daily focus wall pieces (the seasons, numbers, daily objectives, etc.)- are these for sale also???? I love using your stuff. Can't wait to see more now that you are back to school.

    1. The apples are from a packet by Cara Carroll - I can't recall which one now though! I do have some Daily Focus wall pieces in my store, but not these colors. They are free!

  8. Wow....surgery before school and you still had time to throw together an awesome looking room....wow...I'm impressed...I love it! So sorry you had to go through that though but happy you've made a great recovery!