More 100th Day

For the first 100 days of school, we uncover one apple from our growing number line.  The children LOVE this – they get so excited every day!  One of my kinder buddies uses this in her classroom and I knew I had to have the same one (when I saw it almost 8 years ago!) (<3 U LB!)


EXCITEMENT when we added the 100 to our 100 grid! (LOVE the exclamation point at the end!)  The children are begging me for another 100s chart to keep adding the days in school on!! #happyteacher!


In the past, I’ve always used colored strips of construction paper on our 100th day hats.  This year, I was running short of time and didn’t get them prepped fast enough.  SO….I just cut strips of white paper and threw them on really quickly with masking tape.  I knew they HAD to be decorated, and since we’ve been talking about number combinations to 10 so much, I decided we would play a little game.  I quickly (and I mean quickly – I had the last 5 minutes of my planning time to prep it!) pulled out playing cards A-10, and my stash of dobbers.  I have enough dobbers now so that each table has about 4 each and we can exchange.


The children chose a card from the table (the ace equals 1), dobbed the number, changed colors and dobbed the remaining dots to make ten.  Make sense?  The children did great, and made for some fun, colorful hats! (Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the finished product!) Kim Adsit has a MUCH cuter version in her 100th day pack.



The children had a great time making their 100th day collections for our display.  My bulletin boards were all full with winter stuff so I had to punt and just hang them on my classroom door!  The children loved looking at all of the different 100 collections!


IMG_2202    IMG_2230

The children had a blast searching around the room and pretending to be 100th day detectives! They loved discovering the 100 on their grids!


And of course, or 100th day snack is ALWAYS a hit!


and dobbing to 100! (Can you tell I love dobbers!!?)

And we finally finished our Zero the Hero book! This was super exciting for the kids since we have been working on it every 10 days.  They were so excited to bring it home to show their families!




We  made text to self connections and wrote about what worries us!


When my cat ran away but he came back.


I am worried about someone getting hurt.

*sigh. so. sweet*

I am SO EXCITED about this next project! Julie Lee makes these amazing 100th day collages, and I knew I wanted to do it this year.  I wanted 5 different activities so each table group could have their own.

We started out counting out 10 sets of 10 on our giant ten frames.  Once we checked and double checked, we got out the glue bottles, and glued all of our pieces on.


100 pizza toppings!


100 snowflakes in a snow globe!


100 sprinkles on our cookie!


100 gumballs in our gumball machine!


and in honor of our apple number line, 100 apples on the apple tree!


If you’re interested in some of the 100th day ideas, you can check out this post for a preview and pics of more fun that we had here!!

I’ve got one more super fun 100th day idea that I’ll share with you very soon! (I just need to get it hung up!!)


  1. Your 100th Day hats are so the dots! And, such a fabulous way to practice ways to make 10!

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    I teach Prep in Queensland, Australia and am kicking myself that I didn't start the 100 day countdown with my kids this year after reading your adorable ideas! I love the hats and the pizza/cookie/gumball collages. It looks like your kids had an super fun day with lots of learning thrown in too! :)


  3. Love the number detectives...definitely going to have to do that next year!
    Vickie :)

  4. Hi Kathleen!
    Happy 1ooth Day of School! What great projects your kids did! I did a similiar project by havin gthe kids bring ina collectionof 100 items and them displayed on the wall above their name that was in a pattern- 100 spaces and then one letter in a space for each letter in their name.
    One question -do have for sale at TPT the acitvity for the 100 Worries that you have shown above and the children respond with their worries? Just wondering where I can purchase this!
    Thanks so much for great pictures!
    Take care-

    1. Hi MaryAnn -- Yes! It is my 100th day packet on TpT -- click on the TpT link on the left to go there!

  5. Ha ha! I did! It really didn't take too long! The pizza pieces took the longest, and I cut those out while I watched tv at home! Now that I have the basic ideas for the murals, I can have parent volunteers prep them for me next year! I'll just show them a picture :)

  6. Thank you for sharing these pictures! I bought your 100th Day Unit and I am definitely looking forward to using it in the next couple of days!! Also, I have got to say that the large 100's projects are ADORABLE! :)