In honor of Valentine’s day, I thought I would share a few of my loves! 


{I’m loving my family}


{I’m loving my favorite bloggy friends…I don’t think I could go a night with out checking in with them!}


Abby, Deanna, Sarah, Amanda, Abby, Hope, Rachelle, Kim, Cheryl, Erica, Lindsay, Amy, Michelle, Me
Not in this picture:  Megan, Katie, Natalie, Anna

{I’m loving my MK Watch}

Michael Kors Michael Kors Mini-Size Blair Multi-Function Glitz Watch, Rose Golden

{I’m loving my new phone}

{I’m loving this Laura Gellar shadow palette}

{I’m loving my comfy couch tonight after a loooong day}

PS My pillows are not ugly :)

{I’m loving listening to my favorite music}

Love all her music, but this album is my fave – her music ALWAYS makes me happy.

With my pal Sarah at the Chicago show!

and with THE Brandi!


I’ve been a fan for about 3 years…this is my favorite album.

{I’m loving TV}


(Disclaimer:  I do NOT like Abby – but I LOVE to watch the girls dance! and I really MISS Parenthood!)


{I’m loving to shop daily deals…slightly addicted}

Very Jane - Boutique Deals

Sassy Steals

Simple Addiction

Groopdealz Logo

{I’m loving this lotion -- especially in the cold upper midwest!}

{I’m loving valentine’s from my kiddos}

Photo: Valentines swag.  Lots of hugs and I love you's today.  Love my job :)

I could probably go on and on, but these are my loves….right now :)

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  1. Kathleen, I am hosting a Love Notes Link Up to share all of my loves. I would *love* for you to link up this post! http://literacyandlaughter.blogspot.com/2013/02/love-notes-link-up.html

  2. I love the Bean picture! SO MUCH! LOVE YOU!

  3. LOVE all of it! Love you, Kathleen!

  4. Fun! I am curious to what album is the one with the soldier and peacock?

    1. That is their first album...aim and ignite. It's by far SOO much better than the second one.

  5. We need a new couch. I like the yours...a whole lot!
    My Second Sense

  6. HI Kathleen, so excited because this is my very first Linky Party and I finally figured out how to do it right. So proud of myself and thanks to you and your adorable idea I was able to join :)

  7. Thanks for hosting! I saw fun. open for a band a few years ago and I have loved them ever since! Have you ever heard of The Format? The lead singer used to sing for that band and the songs are somewhat similar! Check them out!

    Second Grade Nest

  8. I LOVE Dance Moms too! Abby is way too much though!!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  9. I love Dance Moms! But Abby... well lets just say she is not one of my favorite people. The girls are amazing dancers though!

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