High 5 Sight Words

I’m just heading out for date night with hubby, but I wanted to share this idea.  It’s an oldie, but a goodie!

I try to incorporate sight word games throughout the day – I want them looking at, noticing, and thinking about sight words throughout the day.

I use these chalkboard pens:



Silhouette CAMEO®

and this:

To make these:


These hands are hanging on the wall right by the door. I used to cut out paper hands, or print them out on my computer, but this time I used my Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Chalkboard Vinyl to cut out a hand.

The kids high five and say the word when they go out. Super simple. Super easy. Super effective. That’s the way I like it!

Give it a try! The kids love them!


  1. I love this activity! I do this the old fashioned way with contruction paper...I am putting the Silhouette on my wish list this year! :) These look so great!!

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Got to try it! Thought I could laminate some hands and put a vinyl pocket on it to slip in the new words each week. I plan to make blue/pink hands for my boy/girl lines which line up on opposite sides of the door.

  3. What an awesome idea! I love it! The kids are sure to think it's cool and fun and they will be learning in the process! Thanks so much for sharing!

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  4. What a great idea! I'm featuring this post on Bagels and Blogs tomorrow. :)

    Math Coach’s Corner

  5. Great idea! I think adding the "HIGH FIVE" really gets kids excited about learning their sight words.
    Connie Anderson:)

  6. I find that velcro works best- easy to switch out the new words each week! I've blogged about this activity several times over the past year and a half...check out my high-five chart here: http://mrsbremersk.blogspot.ca/2011/12/high-five.html {as well as in other posts}
    Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten

    1. Velcro is smart!! I used to just use hand die cuts and do a new one each week. Ugh. I never had enough time! This is super slick, and I can change it to anything I want -- numbers, words, letters,etc. I love how we can all take an idea and make it work for our own classrooms!!

    2. Kathleen- Can you erase the chalkboard pen and write a new word, or do you have to make a new hand every week?? Vinyl is pricey!

  7. Sometimes oldies are the best kind of goodies! I love the idea of using vinyl!

  8. Thank you for sharing! I am going to start this tomorrow!! Tina - high five to you!

  9. I do this with my kinders & it has been SUPER effective!!! I see them going over to the hands more than the sight word wall during writing time... they love it as their line up routine! I do like the idea of having it where you can erase - does it come off easy when they five five the words?

    ~ Kimberlee ~

    Two Fulbright Hugs

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