Grocery Store is Ready!

Spice up your dramatic play center with some meaningful learning activities that children can choose from during your free choice time! (Or use the activities during your literacy center rotations!)


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Included in each packet are common core correlations, math and literacy games and activities, opportunities for writing, vocabulary cards, signs and so much more!

Here’s what teachers are saying:

Wonderful! Really makes my house center more of a learning center!

I can't wait to show how play is important too! Thank you!

Great activities to use the dramatic play center during literacy and math time!

Incorporated into my Work Stations. My students loved Set the Table! Principal walked in and I felt good that the children were actively engaged in a math activity while in the housekeeping station.

This is an amazing resource to have in a time where they are trying to rid exploration centers in kindergarten. Thank you so much for offering it.

Stop by and take a peek!!


  1. Another way that you are fantastic!!! Nice Job!!

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