I LOVE being crafty, I just don’t have the time to do it during the school year.  I’ve become addicted to craft blogs…if you think there are a lot of teacher blogs, just wait until you start going out of control clicking on all of the craft blogs! Holy smokes! This year, I decided to make some gifts for colleagues and for my daughter’s teacher.  I am so happy when I can create! I love it! My husband thinks it’s pure torture – he watches me juggle four knitting needles and thinks I’m insane! (My latest project is knitting mittens for my daughter – I’m 50% done!)

Here is a sampling of what I did for gifts for colleagues:

{Most of the ideas came from Eighteen 25’s blog}


These are the car scent thingy’s from Bath and Body Works.


Bottles of hand sanitizer that I glitzed up with ribbon and stickers.  Inexpensive and EASY! Super easy when you tell your husband that HE needs to take the labels off since you are doing all of the other work Winking smile


Christmas themed hand sanitizer bottles.


These are just bars of Cadbury chocolate (not as good as Norwegian chocolate, but it’s the best we can find here!) decorated for Christmas.  Eighteen 25 has the labels that you can download.


The last pictures are what I made for K’s teacher (3rd grader).  She is a first year teacher and has done an AMAZING job!  IMG_3680

I have made one of these clip boards for my daughter’s teachers since 1st grade.  Her kindergarten teacher will have to wait until my youngest has her Winking smile I LOVE making them, and each one turns out so different and unique.  I just need to find the time to make one for myself!


This “teacher’s toolkit” was my favorite thing to make this year! You could really use it for anything, and it’s so dang cute! Love, love love!! (We tucked a little gift card to the local teacher store in there too – just an extra bonus for a job well done!)


Off to knit! Need to finish the other mitten and next up is a ear warmer…although I’m tempted to put the other mitten on hold and start the ear warmer – it’s SOOO cute! And I WILL get other photos up too! I have some great ideas for a few winter units, so be watching!


  1. Where did you find those adorable office supplies?


  2. Jennifer - I got them at Wal-Mart!

  3. I too have been wanted to do this! I love that site! They have the best ideas!


  4. I love the teacher kit! Cute idea and a must for my home made gift giving lists!

  5. Those are such clever ideas! I LOVE the teacher kit-those are things you can always use no matter what-the clipboard is just adorable!

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. You know I absolutly adore eighteen 25 too! I didn't havetime to make some of their gifts but I'm glad you did so I could see them in action. :) You did awondrful job.

    Ms. M

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