Sight Words

Here are a couple of quick and easy ideas for sight words!  I can't remember who the presenter was, but the ideas are from someone I heard at the National K Conference!

Sight word tattoos! Using washable ink, stamp the sight word on their hand for them to tell mom and dad what the word(s) of the week are!

My kiddos love this one! (Sorry the picture isn't great)  Underneath the blue flap, I have a post-it note with a new "password" every day.  This week, I am doing both a letter and a sight word.  The children lift up the flap and tell me what the word/letter is when they come in.
Word wall from last year (I have a separate wall for realia this year)

Word wall from this year (I like this one MUCH better!)  I got a new magnetic whiteboard this year, so the children can remove the words if they need to, and then put them back.  I can also quickly write words on there if I need to! The children's names are also not on there this year - I have a separate wall for those too. (The cars right next to it).  This picture is from before school started..there are no words on their yet.  I add the words as I introduce them - it is much more meaningful for the children, and they can easily find the word they are looking for. 


  1. I love the stamping the word and the password!! I am making a password poster ASAP!!!

  2. I love your password idea! So simple to execute, too!

  3. Love the password idea!! Just wanted to make sure I understand b/c I am going to use this. You put a new word up everyday? Do you have every student read the password every time they come in the door?

  4. You can really do whatever you want! We usually focus on 2 sight words a week, so I may hang up two of them. Maybe I'll put up a letter or even a picture and they have to tell me the beginning letter or sound. You could do a color, shape, number....really anything you want!

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