Predictable Charts

I have always loved the idea of doing predictable charts with children.  However, I have never been able to do get in the habit of doing it because they take SOO long!  It is not effective unless you write each word in front of the children -- because you have to write each word, the children only really have the patience to watch you write 3 or 4 lines.

Well....I have an interactive white board in my room, but you could do this if you just have a projector since you are not really utilizing the "interactive" part of the IWB.  I created a simple table for the number of words that I knew we were going to write.  As I asked the children the question, I simply typed on my computer! It was brilliant! The children still could see, say, and spell each word as I typed it.  I could get through all the kids in about 5 minutes!

I later when back and played with the table a little bit so it was big enough for the kids to cut out and reassemble.  I cut out each strip for them. I knew that there were going to be some sneaky ones who would just glue the whole line down or cut and glue the words in order.  So before they could have the page that they were gluing the words down, they had to completely cut it out.

 (We'll have to work on spacing with this one!)

I'll assemble the pages in a class book for the kiddos to read.  I think they turned out great!

Here is another example from a friend.  She called the kids over individually and then cut the words up for them to assemble.  For some, she cut all the words apart, for others she only cut a few words apart.


  1. So do your students cut their own sentences out?

  2. Yes, I type it in front of them/with them. They say and spell each word for the "predictable" part. We stretch out the word that they fill in together. I modify the table to make the font bigger and fill the whole page. I sometimes have to manipulate a little bit if someone says I like my big spider man toy (for example) - spider man toy is too big to fit in the table so I'll make the font of that smaller. I just cut them in strips, they cut apart the sections, mix them up, and then put them back in order. Before they can glue it on and illustrate, I check to make sure it's in the right order and they read it back to me. We've done three books so far, and they really enjoy it! They love reading the books!

  3. I just got an interactive whiteboard and came across your blog. How did you put your flipchart together?

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  5. How did you get the lines between the words so they were easy to cut out?