The Old Kid On the Block

Whoa.  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I’m not going to apologize for the lack of blog posts.  Or not posting on Instagram.  Or even not making TpT products.  I took some time off.  A LONG time off.  I needed a social media break.  This whole blogging thing just got to be too much for me.  But, I want to rewind a bit – way back to 2010 when I first started this blogging gig.  I thought I might give you a little background as to how this all got started.

So, step into your time machine – here goes.  In 2010, I was teaching Kindergarten and working on my master’s degree.  My advisor wanted me to start thinking of what I wanted to do for my final project.  I had the brilliant (I thought) idea of starting a literacy blog.  My plan was to blog about my literacy teaching (since I was getting my master’s in Reading Education) and reflecting along the way.  I thought it was a great idea! My advisor did not. 

Well, by this time, I had already made quite a few blog posts, and had gained a pretty large following.  I was enjoying what I was doing – sharing with other teachers – so I kept going.  Pretty soon, I had thousands of hits a day.  I was amazed that teachers actually wanted to peek into my classroom.  I mean, I’m just an ordinary Kindergarten teacher from North Dakota – I was doing what everyone else was doing, right?

I started to make connections with other bloggers.  There weren’t very many of us out there at the time, so we all became pretty close.  Then this thing called Teachers Pay Teachers popped up on my radar.  So, I decided to give it a go.  Holy smokes.  People wanted to BUY what I was making? 

But, it got to be too much.   I had to take a step back.  I was spending too much time on my computer, and not enough time with my family.  In the time that I’ve been “gone”, I’ve changed schools twice, opened a brand new, beautiful school, and changed grade levels.  I’ve focused on my family (my girls are 15 and 10 now!) and the students that I have every day.

Now I’m back.  Ready to start again.  But,  this whole blogging world, and TpT has changed.  BIG TIME.  All of a sudden, we need to have “pin worthy” photographs, videos, Facebook Lives, Instagram Stories.  Hold up.  That’s NOT me. I completely respect and even envy the people that can do that, my life is too jam packed.  I don’t have hours in the day to spend doing those things – I work a full time job, and I have a full time family.  This is a side-gig!

I’m not sure if I’m doing anything in the classroom that you want to see, but I’m going to do my best to start showing you again.  I won’t have videos or pin-worthy photos.  Just simple, plain ideas.  So, if you want that, stick around – if you like what you’re reading, tell a friend!  That’s how this whole thing got started anyways – not Pinterest, not Instagram, not even Facebook! 

Thank you readers, for your support and kindness over the past 7 years.  I appreciate every kind word and message you have ever sent.  I will do my best to give you a peek into my classroom, and maybe make a few things along the way! 


  1. I've always respected your work as a teacher. The blogging teaching community has changed and is changing all the time. I still find value in worthy content because my goal is to be the best teacher for my kids. Glad to have you back.

  2. I love your blog, ideas, products, and focus on your family and students. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thank you for sharing . I have found your ideas, products and classroom views very interesting and able to adapt to our own classrooms. I admire your balance of work and family. Anxious to be hearing from you again.

  4. Glad you're back and I completely understand your need to step back! Looking forward to your posts!

  5. Kathleen, I appreciate your honest post and I fully understand. I blog because I want to share ideas and thoughts, and I want to WRITE. It is a need for me which I wish I had more time to satisfy. I have a small but steadily growing following without much at all on TPT or IG. Those outlets are fine but not what I do it for. I was so glad when you popped up in my email feed again and I look forward to reading whatever you share. I follow bloggers who have something to say– it's like having a little chat :) See you around. Kathleen

  6. Loved what you said! I have often wondered how you all do what you do and still have time for families, teaching, etc. I'm divorced and it's just me these days but I come home exhausted from teaching all day. I love what you post and your products have made me a better teacher. So thank you for sharing and blogging! It's good to have you back! Take care of you and your family first!! I think every single one of us can relate to what you wrote. Thank you for all you do!

  7. You are totally right! I couldn't agree with you more! I've been following for years, I started when I was teaching kinder as well. I then taught first grade and now I am on my second year as a 7th grade teacher! Have a great school year and I'll continue to follow you, can't wait for your posts - whenever you are able... warm greetings from Mexico!

  8. LOOOOOOOVE this! That is why I started following blogs, to SEE real life stuff. I find myself buying buying buying, because all those beautiful pictures and I am trying to stop that because I have plenty, just need to enjoy the moment and be content with what I have. So much respect to you!!!

    1. So glad you are back and I'm happy for the plain, simple, "real deal Lucille" classroom ideas!😁

  9. I hear you! In the same boat, and often want to write on my blog again, but in a different way. Like you I want to be more reflective in my writing. Thank you for giving me that extra push.

  10. Kathleen,
    I was so excited to see your blog post! You were one of the first blogs I followed and first sellers I purchased from on TpT. Your real life ideas inspire me, and I SO appreciate your honest post. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your teaching life.