Meet the Teacher Night!

open house fixed

In our school district, we hold our open house/meet the teacher night before school has started.  Families have a time frame of 2 hours to come to school, look around, meet their new teachers and drop off their supplies.  I like to make it as quick and easy as possible for them!

When I first started teaching, I would have parents fill out ALL the paperwork.  I did this for many years until I finally wised up!  I realized that the only thing that was important to me that night was to know how their child was going to go home on the first day of school.

open house 6Parents fill out the bright pink form at open house and that’s it!  They can spend their time visiting with me and helping their child put away their supplies.

Inside the white folder are a variety of things that they can take home, read, and fill out for school the next week.

open house2Here is a breakdown of what is inside the folder.  It can change slightly from year to year, but this is the gist of it!

open house11.  Money bag – we like to use real money for our math explorations.  We ask parents to send in a variety of coins at the beginning of the year.  At the end of the year, we use this money for a little treat!

2. Donors Choose photo release – I write a variety of grants throughout the year, so I like to have this one done and ready to go at the beginning of the year.

3. Family directory form – I put together a class directory of contact information for families to plan play dates, birthday parties, and so on.

4. All About Me Bag – I love this activity from Kindergarten Squared.  Kids will bring their bag back throughout the week, and it is a great time filler for the first week of school.  We share a few a day.  It’s a wonderful way for children to get to know each other and practice those ever important speaking and listening standards.

5. Getting to Know Your Child -  I love this questionnaire from Growing Firsties.   It gives me a little glimpse into how a parent views their child’s academics.  We meet for our first goal setting conference in October, but this gives me a bit of an idea of how each child learns best.

I also include a variety of papers for families to keep at home.

I make a teacher contact magnet with information on how to join our class using REMIND, my e-mail, and my Twitter info.  I also put together an information flip book.  This includes the most important information that I think parents need to know right away at the beginning of the year. I also include the lunch menu and the student’s lunch number to practice before school starts.

open house 4While parents are filling out the transportation form, the kiddos start to empty out their supplies around the room.  I make a slideshow using Google Presentation with all the necessary information for families.  There are only about 5 slides.  I don’t want families doing too much because most have other classrooms to go to!

open house 5Most of our supplies are community supplies (like glue, markers, crayons, etc.) and they dump them in the labeled bins. 

The supplies that aren’t shared go in their supply drawers.

open house7My classroom has choice seating so children are constantly changing seats.  They keep the majority of their personal supplies in these drawers.  I was lucky enough to have these supplied for me in my classroom.

open house 8I really wanted kids to be successful and independent putting their supplies away so I put together a sample drawer.  Not all of these items stay in their drawers.  I just want them all in there at open house so I can label them with their names later on.  The only things that stay in the drawer are their pencil box, 1 binder, and 1 folder.  I add a glue stick, crayons, and an eraser to their pencil box.  The rest of their supplies are stored elsewhere around the room.

open house3I hope this was helpful to you!  I love meeting the new kiddos in my room, and having everything completely organized allows me to interact more with kids and families in the short time they are in my room.

Do you have any tips or tricks for open house?  Leave a comment below and share the knowledge!


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