Throwback Thursday–Working on our Sight Words

I’m throwing back this week with Hope from Second Grade Shenanigans! Here is a little post all about sight words!

***Originally Posted September 30, 2013***

In case you missed it at the end of last week, I posted a new little diddy.  This is something that I started working on almost a year and a half ago, and then started revamping this summer.  I FINALLY finished it!


I am in love with these activities! They are simple enough to do on a regular basis (for morning work, maybe?!), but still fun and engaging for kids! 

Here are a few samples..

There are three different types of response sheets….






Some mats for play dough stamping – great to print on BRIGHT paper!Slide99

And some bright and colorful cards for stamping words with letter stamps.  (There is a response sheet included!)


You’ll also find a fun little game that’s great for interventions or literacy centers!


Just click {here} to check it out!

What else do we do to review sight words?

One of my most popular posts EVER is {this one} where I shared this great sight word chants.



My kids LOVE this chants!  I keep them close by to use for little time fillers and brain breaks!

I also LOVE to use the Heidi Song’s sight word DVD’s – these are also great for a little brain break!  Anytime we can put anything to music, it’s a hit!

Another favorite are our sight word poems.  These poems have been around forever, but the kids do seem to love them!

Sight Word Poetry Pages: 100 Fill-in-the-Blank Practice Pages That Help Kids Really Learn the Top High-Frequency Words

I adore this fun idea!

Sight Word Connect Four - put sticky dots with letters on, on the counters. Great idea! (",) by willie

and along the same lines….

Sarah Cooley {First Grader at Last} posted this fun game waaaayy back in 2010!

Of course, we are always practicing sight words during our literacy centers!






We read and chant our word wall…


We practice with our daily fix-its {here} (for the end of Kindergarten) and {here} (for the beginning)


We practice during our daily news…


We practice when we come into the classroom…


We practice when we leave the room…


We build our ice cream cones when we learn each new set of sight words…



We play lots of whole class games…




We build our words with magnetic letters, and mix them up and fix them throughout the day….

mix and fix sight words

Sometimes we even stamp them on our hands!

password hand

We have secret, whisper words….


And so….so…….many more fun and engaging ways!

Phew! What are your favorite ways to practice sight words?  Leave a comment below and tell me your favorites, and I’ll pick a winner or two to win this sight word resource!



  1. My students use play-doh to make the letters of their sight words. They also like making them with letter beads strung on a pipe cleaner, after they have traced them and written them.

  2. One of our favorite games to play to practice sight words is one I call "Guess the Word" (real original huh). I have one student sit at the front of the classroom in front of me in a chair. I stand behind the child and hold a sight word card above their head. They cannpt see it but the rest of the class can. The students who can see it have to give clues such as; "it has two letters" or "it begins with a t". The child in the chair has to guess the word. They love it!

  3. Wow!! So many great ideas on here! Thanks for sharing! We like to stamp out our sight words, make them out of play dough, and they love making them on the SMART board on ABCya with their magnet letters ( I'm definitely going to use these ideas to change it up next year!!! I'm so excited!! :)

    ✿ Regina
    Keepin It Krazy

  4. We love writing our sight words on plain paper on top of sandpaper and plastic canvas. It gives the kids great tactle feedback and helps the words "stick" better in their motor memories.


  5. My students love the play dough mats I created for sight words...what an amazing, jam-packed post! :) I used the daily fix it at the end of kinder this year and really liked it! :D


  6. So many wonderful site word ideas! Love your chants! Thanks so much for sharing!


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  9. Thanks for all the great sight word activities. It is important to change things up so the kiddos don't get bored. My kids this year loved the sight word chants.

  10. We love to stamp the sight word, build with letter beads, build with letter tiles, and love to write the room. You have wonderful ideas for working on sight words. Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Love all your ideas! We play a game similar to your BAM! Game, use the sight word those, write the room, and hang sightword a around the door for quick recall games.
    I would love to win this pack! Glad you are back to blogging!

  13. Unsure if this is your whisper words. But everyone wears a name badge with a word. They go around and write their friends word down on a list of classmates. I do that also with numbers and number sentences.