Color Mixing Fun + A Give Away

Learning Resources recently sent me a fun little science set to check out: The Primary Science Color Mixing Set. I ADORE science sets like this because it make it SO easy to set up at a science center.  I am still fortunate enough to be able to have 30-45 minutes of free choice play every day.  The children LOVE exploring at the science center!

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My daughter and I recently did some exploring with this fun set, and let me tell you, she could have explored for HOURS.  She LOVED it.  This will be an amazing addition to any science center!


I really love the task cards that come with it.  Truly makes for an independent center!


(The food coloring is not included – you will have to supply that!)


The included kaleidoscope has a removable bottom, so you can change out the contents in it.  It comes with colored transparent chips. 




There are so many different ideas and activities for the children, and they can explore in such a hands-on developmentally appropriate way!  This is a MUST HAVE for any primary classroom!!  The activities could also be easily used in a small group learning experience or as a whole group demonstration. 

Here are a few more ideas for exploring color that I’ve done!

This is a flower project that I have done over the past few years with our art teacher.  They start off with a large blob of red and yellow in the middle of their paper, and pull out from the center with their pain brushes to make the flowers.  The Grass is made the same way – we start with a stripe of yellow and blue and the children mix it to make green.  They are NOT allowed to swirl though!  Just pull from the color – it makes the beautiful variations in color that you see!


Here is another great project we do. We start with a simple directed drawing (just using sharpies) using shapes.  Then the children water colored everything yellow!  The children could then add red to the top to make orange or green to make blue. 



I love this sweet project!  Watercolor the birds with primary colors, and mix the colors right on the paper – just like we did with the UP houses above.

I also love this great project for the beginning of the year in Kindergarten.  This could even be at your art center easel – it doesn’t take much direction from you – just free choice painting!

The children explored paint mixing with tempera paints, and then added a little confetti party with simple colored squares.

Check out this link for some great books about colors:

Books for Kids:  Color Books from

If you want to be REALLY ambitious, you can make rainbow pancakes with your kiddos! My daughter and I did this last year for St. Patrick’s day!


And a great little video from Sesame Street to introduce/review colors and color mixing:

Learning Resources has graciously offered to give a Primary Science Color Mixing Set to one lucky Growing Kinders reader!

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  1. This set looks like lots of fun! Love the primary color video. I added to my favorites list to use with my kiddos. Thanks for sharing!

    Luv My Kinders

  2. I really love and appreciate all of your great ideas! After 27 years I am embarking on a new adventure...Kindergarten! I need all the help I can get.

  3. This looks perfect with incorporating more science in class. I want to also add STEM challenges this year.

  4. Would love this set, but I don't use facebook :(
    Your ideas are awesome!