Plants and Spring?

I wish I could say it feels like spring here, but alas, I am home today because of blizzard conditions and a chance of up to 20” of snow.  Not so fun.

So, I’m going to quickly share with you what I have in my math and literacy drawers this week.

Here is a sampling….


If you’re interested in these centers, they are still 20% off until tonight! You can find them here!

plants math and literacy 1plants math and literacy 2a

I’m also looking for some things from YOU!

What topics would you like me to blog about?

What questions do you have for me?

Leave a comment below so I can fill up my rather empty blogging calendar with ideas!!


  1. should make a unit about a BLIZZARD...or SNOW...or WILL IT EVER BE SPRING!?!?! HE HE HE The weather does not know what to do here....RAIN/SNOW/SUN! We have it all right now. Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

  2. I'm always interested to hear about people's daily schedules! Ours may be changing a bit next year, so I'm always looking to see what people do, how long they do it for, what sort of help they have (parents, instructional assistants, etc.). :)

  3. Wow, 20 inches would just make me frozen thinking about it. We have had lots of rain. Our normal is about 3 inches, well we got 9 and broke all records. Landslides are taking their toll but 20 inches, oh my. Stay warm.

  4. I'm having trouble getting into "spring mode" too... and our weather is "better" than yours! Ugh! I've been putting off plants, frogs, insects and butterflies until it "feels" like spring. However... after our week of spring break I'm going to HAVE to kick into spring "gear!" Praying for sunshine! :)

  5. Your spring centers are great! I would love for you to blog more about how you teach word families, blends, digraphs....not just the products you use but how you run your small group when you're introducing these.