ABC Come Learn with Me! Environmental Print!

abc come learn with me
Raise your hand if you do some fun stuff with environmental print during the year?
Why not combine environmental print and alphabet fun!
Here are a couple of fun ideas I found via Pinterest.
mtsofan 5009170911 in photostream from flickr
It is from a flickr photo stream.  {HERE} is the original source.

I LOVE this display!  I tried to do it last year, but it was a bit of a flop!  I couldn’t get my parents to send in any labels! (Tips?!) I think it’s a fantastic time filler while you are waiting at the door.
I whipped up a sheet that your kiddos can do during free choice time or center time to SPY letters.
My friend and co-worker came up with this awesome idea for the kiddos to use when they are “spying” letters.IMG_4136
All you need to do is die-cut some O’s, attach a little handle to it, and run it through the laminator.  Trim around the outside, but leave the film in the middle of the O.  Brilliant!!  I cut this one on my Silhouette Cameo – I am going to make them in all sorts of colors and make a BIG one for whole group I Spy games! Fun!
WARNING: Don’t buy these Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos---they are DANGEROUSLY good!
How do you use environmental print in your classroom?


  1. You just "whipped up" something great. Thank you!

  2. Love the little I spy magnifying glass! Too cute!!!!

  3. This environmental print door is from my room! Thanks for sharing :) I ask for parents to send in 10 labels then I resent a note letting them know if there was any letters I really needed. I also ask my staff and surprising to me I had so many different labels in my own kitchen! Good luck! ;)

  4. Oh I wish I had pictures from my envionmental print wall. We also made an oversize class book when we took the display down.The Kinders loved the book because they could "read" it right away.

    I always do this the second week of school and if it is not too late I will share the pics mid Sept. This is such a great concept for the beginning of the year. Thanks for sharing,

    Liz :)


  5. Hi Kathleen,

    I have added a link to this post from my balanced literacy blog. If you wish me to remove it please email me. Thanks, Liz :)

  6. Wow! Great ideas! Thank you so much - I always look forward to reading your blog.

  7. I love environmental print! I have to do a post on my environmental print book and share with you.

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  9. Thanks for sharing! These are great ideas :)

  10. I love your I Spy! So cute! Thank you for sharing! :)
    Crayons and Curls

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  12. I tried to do the abc's of environmental print a few years back but it flopped too. I think I am going to try again this year. Did you decide if you were going to do it?! You have inspired me with this post!

    Shine you halo,

  13. I think the best way to get parents to send in the labels would be to send home the example picture of the door. I have discovered that often parents just don't understand what we want or what we are trying to do. If you send the picture, they will know exactly what you want!